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FlexiShield Ultra-Thin Gel LG G4 Case Review

The FlexiShield Ultra-Thin case is one of the thinnest cases I've ever seen on a phone, it's hard to feel that there is a case on the phone which is great for me. When I buy a new phone I always need to have a case on it but I can't stand big bulky cases. It's really thin and perfectly clear so the only way you can ever really tell that there's a case on is if you look at the cut outs.

All cut outs for the case are clean, precise and smooth. With some cases you get a slightly sharp edge but not on this one. The case will not protect amazingly with falls but day to day it will do the job perfectly, slight edge so the screen doesn't touch a desk if put face down.

I have one complaint about the case and that is my worry of dirt or something from my pocket getting in between the case and plastic of the G4, due to it being a gel case it would move and potentially scratch the plastic. I haven't seen this yet but I have had to remove lint and dirt on a daily basis.

Overall, if you want a seriously thin case just to protect against light tumbles or scuffs from a desk this is brilliant but I'd look elsewhere for serious protection.

FlexiShield Ultra-Thin LG G4 Gel Case

LG G4 Cases

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FlexiShield Dot LG G4 Case Review

FlexiShield are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands for phone cases, everything is made to a high quality and this case is no exception. It's made from a hard rubber that holds on to the phone securely and makes it feel substantial in your hand.
The cut outs on the case are perfect, around the camera and buttons there's a hard black plastic to add ridity around the large cut out. I feel like the micro USB connector is a little too big but it's not a big deal. The case has a really rugged finish to it making it feel secure in the hand which is great if you just get a new phone.
The case doesn't add very much bulk to the phone which is great but it feels like it will add a lot of protection if the worse happens. There's a reasonable recess for the screen so you can lay it face down without a worry. It adds a slight bit of weight but the LG G4 is light so it makes it feel more sturdy.
I'd say this is a great case for every day use especially if you've just bought the G4 because the textured feel means you can have a better grip of it and less likely to drop it.

FlexiShield Dot LG G4 Case

LG G4 Cases

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LG G4 QuickCircle Qi Case and LG Wireless Qi Charger Review

I decided to upgrade from my old iPhone 5 to the LG G4 and one thing that excited me most was the Qi Wireless Charging feature. I'm totally new to the world of Android devices with these fancy features that are totally alien to iPhone users.

First off the case design. It actually requires you to remove the original back for the G4 to allow the contacts for wireless charging and NFC to make connection to the ones on the phone. I love this because not only does it mean you have a spare back but also it doesn't add that much bulk to the phone which is great for me. I like using my phones without cases so anything adding too much bulk without much functionality.

It covers the screen apart from a approximate 1 inch circle and this is where this case comes in to its own. A small magnet when the cover is shut activates QuickCircle mode. These show little apps that work in this small circle along with time and weather. Apps like Messages, LG Health even Camera. This is really convenient for quickly reading texts but I mostly used it while docked on the Qi Charger on my bed stand to check the time.

The protection this case provides is great, I know this first hand because the day I put it on by phone fell about 5ft on to stone slabs, hardly a mark on it. Small dent on the case corner but at least the case covers the majority of the phone.

The actual LG Qi Charger is a fantastically simple, you can have it flat on your desk but the best part is when it's stood up like a dock, this is perfect for the side of your bed or desk. Just get in to bed and lay the phone on, it's charging without having to fiddle with the pesky micro USB cable. Somehow even now I end up trying 3 times to put one in.

Overall this case is brilliant, it opens up a completely new UI on the phone that is really convenient for quick glances at information. The apps are pretty limited at the moment though, there's not many to download but I can see more coming to the market. It offers pretty good protextion to the phone all around. If you would like to unlock 2 pretty convenient features with the LG G4 this case is perfect and will probably be my everyday case.


LG G4 QuickCircle Qi Case

LG Qi Wireless Charger

LG G4 Cases

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Best Apps To Manage Your Pension

There aren’t a lot of people terribly excited about workplace pension schemes. Giving up something today to save for tomorrow seems to go against instinct for many people.

Under new laws from 2012, auto-enrolment became the requirement for the largest companies, which is good news. But simply enrolling in a pension scheme isn’t enough.

People have to set goals, watch how their workplace pension contributions are growing, and see whether they’re hitting the target amount before retirement.

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The Best Summer Toys Of 2015

With a seemingly never ending world of options for toys for your children, it can be difficult to know the right way to go. Everyone wants to be the cool parent who keeps up with trends and buys the best presents for their kids, but what way to go?

Toys for the garden

As summer reaches its peak, there’s no better way to spend a weekend than watching your children play in the sunshine. Outdoor toys are a great way to encourage your children to exercise while enjoying nature and discovering the world around them.

One of the best items for your child’s outdoor adventures is a tent. Tents come in many shapes, sizes, colours and designs so you and your child can find the perfect one for them, including teepee style tents for the house and garden. You’ll be surprised how many hours your child can lose enjoying the secrecy and exciting experience of playing in a tent.

For those with a patio, washable chalks are an excellent way to let your child explore their artistic size without ruining your tiling. Washable chalks come in many different colours and styles meaning your budding Picasso can spend a summer’s afternoon creating masterpieces in the garden. Then when they’re done, you can both clean the patio so they can start again.

Of course, you can never go wrong with games, from badminton sets to more modern incarnations of ball games there are many different choices. Outdoor games aren’t only great for exercise, you may even find that your child has a talent for a certain sport. Every successful athlete was once a child playing in their garden.

For outside the house

The garden is fun for a while, but all of our finest memories are of playing in the street or in the local park. There are an abundance of toys available to create new memories with your children.

Old favourites can’t go wrong, and water pistols are a brilliant way for your child to keep cool while exercising and socialising with their friends or siblings. A range of options are available from the tiny to the surprisingly enormous. In an evolution of water pistols, water pistol based games are becoming very popular and are a way to guarantee your child will be happy with their present this year.

Scooters are currently enjoying a huge resurgence amongst young people. A scooter has been the ultimate must have for kids for the past few years. With a variety of designs and even the option to create your own, a scooter will be a greatly appreciated gift.

If scooters are not your child’s cup of tea, there are bikes for all ages available. We all remember learning to ride a bike, and experiencing this with your child can be a rewarding experience. For the younger children, cars and even low riders are available in a variety of styles.

For the swimming pool

The local swimming pool is a great place to take the kids. The pool has enough to offer, children can find their own fun in water, but there are ways to enhance it.

Floats have been around for generations, but the modern interpretations are truly impressive. Inflatable vehicles such as cars and space shuttles, animals and anything else you could possibly imagine are all widely available.

Whatever way you choose to go, and whatever purpose it needs to serve, the choice of toys has never been more intimidating. But you know your child, you know what they like, and with this knowledge you can find them the best toy they could ever possibly imagine.

John Bellusci is a writer for Cottage Toys, one of the leading online boutiques for traditional wooden toys and baby gifts.