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DKnight MagicBox Wireless Speakers Review

The DKnight MagixBox Wireless Speaker is exactly what the name implies, a wireless speaker. For those of you who are looking for a cheap Bluetooth speaker with some decent sound quality then look no further. With a price tag of $27.99 on Amazon you can by this amazing sounding speaker. There is another alternative speaker with better Bass called the Ion Storm, but that will have to wait for another day. Although I cannot give a lot of specific details about the speaker itself, I can however give you my personal experience was well as a general overview as to what the speaker does. So let’s get started and look at this nicely crafted speaker.

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Boxed App Review

Boxed is an app the puts the power of Costco on your phone or tablet. 


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What Is Sitefinity CMS?

Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) designed and developed by Telerik, a multinational software vendor with several blue chip clients.

What is content management?

It’s basically a system that houses and maintains online content, ranging from a simple blog right up to fully featured web portals and E-commerce websites. All the various content strands that make up a web presence - blogs, websites, articles and other media - are controlled within the CMS.

A popular example of a CMS is Wordpress, which started life as a blogging platform and has broadened its functionality to provide static page websites and - through the use of add-ons (plug-ins) it can provide more specific functions such as membership and commerce sites.

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dbrand LG G4 Carbon Fibre Skin Review

I've never owned a skin for my phone before, I always wanted one, though. I love that you can have most of your phone protected from scratches without the bulk of a case, and especially with the carbon fibre one, it adds a really nice texture to it.

The skin is made from a well known brand 3M and is very precisely cut for every part needed, it comes with spare precut pieces for the camera and buttons. There's also two options for the screen which are, top and bottom or top, bottom and sides. I went with the full coverage.

Applying this skin was interesting because I am new to it. The screen was easy to do but doing the contoured back was interesting. It came with no instructions apart from going to their site and I, being the geek I am never read the instructions. So I go to stick the back on, line everything up perfectly but don't understand why it looks so bad.. After a hour or so, I give in and check the instructions. You must use a hair dryer for the corners of the back. After doing this, within seconds it was perfect.

This skin feels amazing in the hand, I use only it on my phone. Apart from the neglect to read instructions it was easy to install and is well worth trying if you don't like cases. It looks fantastic on the phone, it's like a whole new phone and you don't see them much.

dbrand LG G4 Carbon Fibre Skin

LG G4 Cases

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Olixar Premium Genuine Leather LG G4 Wallet Case Review

Now I'm going to start this review by saying I don't usually like these kinds of cases on my phones. The reason being, if it gets stolen the thief has your £500 phone, ID, debit and credit cards. I gave it a fair shot anyway.

I'll start with the negatives, apart from what I mentioned above the only downside is the size. This triples your phones thickness. But that could be a positive too in some aspects. Easier to handle and more to hold on to.

Positives are that this case has a really premium feel to it. Soft leather with padding all the way round. It doesn't have that cheap tacky feel that most cases like this do have. There's so much padding to it that it will protect from a fairly substantial fall. The case has loads of room inside for your cards, business cards and other things you desire. The clasp is magnetic so you don't have to struggle with a clip or anything. All case cut outs are precise and there's none of that horrible glare from the flash like a lot of cheaper cases give you.

Although this kind of case isn't my thing for security, it is a perfect case if that doesn't bother you or you're carrying stacks of business cards around. It is solidly made and feels like a £50 case to me. Fantastic value for money.

Olixar Premium Genuine Leather LG G4 Wallet Case

LG G4 Cases

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