Open Source

or those of you who don’t know we are joined tonight by Miss Chari….. Joking, Open source for everyone reading this who doesn’t know already is a selection of software written for non-profit situations.

Open source software could be the firmware on your DVD player all the way to your actual computer operating system, it is written purely for people who don’t want to pay for something that does the same thing as something free, for people who prefer the customisability and it is also very easy to manipulate for examples keep reading…

You most probably have been using something open source today! Any smartphone or tablet running Android (since android is built on Linux,) a calculator (The simple software formulas for it to do the calculus has become open source because it will run on any calculator) and then there is the software I’m using right now; Ubuntu and LibreOffice.

Two minutes later….

Oh, sorry I was changing my music, anyway… Where was I? Oh! Right! Open source has great potential because it’s all free and anyone experienced enough can manipulate it like changing the GUI on Linux (any Linux distro) to whatever you want! Text-based, Unity, Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox or even installing custom applications.

I personally love it because I use it every day! Seriously, have a look on the Ubuntu website and read a little about it. It can do everything a full operating system can do but it’s FREE and open!

I understand many people who read this will already know this but it might as well be preached, Ubuntu needs the publicity, its open, therefore free so it doesn’t have very much revenue it can give away for advertising.






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