What’s The Saying? Fun Puzzle iPhone Game Review

I remember back in elementary school we used to have these papers called Brain Teasers. They would show a number of pictures that corresponded with some kind of word or phrase. I always really liked these puzzles, and sometimes I even found them challenging. So when I found What’s The Saying years later, an app game based entirely on these puzzles, I was thrilled.

How It Works

It gives you a couple of pictographs and you have to figure out what it is trying to say. One example they give is picture of an eye, with a line on the top. Over that line is the word ‘stand’, making the answer ‘I understand’.

Don’t be fooled by how easy the examples. Some of these can get seriously tricky.

What People Are Saying

This has become a very popular app with a lot of fans. Everyone agrees it is a lot of fun, challenging and even possible to compete against others to see who gets the right answer first. There are in app purchases to help you get to the next level and a lot more. Which players seem to appreciate.

What’s The Saying is a lot of fun. Try it for yourself today.






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