TaskPaper To-Do List iPhone Application Review

It is shocking how few truly simple task management apps there are out there.

Most to-do list programs are overly complex and work on an advanced productivity plan that is ironically more time consuming than what it would save.

For a long time I have just been using my phone’s memos to make lists, because I am so unimpressed with what is out there.

But then I found this little gem, originally released a couple of years ago and updated recently. It is nothing but the checklist you have been hoping for.

How It Works

This app is more like a pen and paper method than any other I have seen. You make the list, you check items off the list, you go about your day.

What makes it unique to just using a notepad is that it allows for search and filtering, and also syncs on an untethered connection to popular file sharing program DropBox.

What People Are Saying

A couple of people have had problems with the DropBox sync feature. But that has been relatively rare, and for most there is no glitch. The app itself has great reviews from people who have wanted that simple to-do list in the past. Try it for yourself, you won’t regret it.






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