10 Safari Productivity Apps

Apple users tend to be incredibly dedicated to the brand. So much so that they are less likely than anyone else to use a different browser. Instead, they remain loyal to Safari, and that isn’t a surprise. It is a well made product, and the most compatible with the hardware it has been loaded onto.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t use some improvements. For those looking to increase their productivity, it is just as important to create a system of apps to assist them in the process.

Here are ten fantastic options to do just that.

1. Betwext

You probably know this service as an SMS marketing platform. But part of their service is a reminder app that will allow you to set text alerts for anything from meetings to appointments. It is free to use, and you don’t have to sign up for any of their other apps to get it.

2. AdBlock

Flashing ads are so distracting. I have lost count of how many times one has managed to throw me off my game, especially the auto-play video ones. This app works by completely blocking them all so you don’t have to deal with your concentration breaking. Just imagine: no more derailed trains of thought thanks to Lysol or Mucinex or Netflix.

3. Awesome Screenshot

Capture any image from around the web, annotate it, and save it with tags. You can even upload it for others to see using a one-click system. Simple and with just the right amount of features. You can capture the visible part of the page, a selected area or the entire thing. You can also crop it and see the exact dimensions of the cropped portions.

4. Lasso

This app adds a button to your Safari browser. It allows you to capture images, text or anything else through a drag and select option similar to an editing softwares freeform lasso tool. It’s easy to use and helpful if you are an info collector. Especially for researchers.

5. WasteNoTime

Kick your productivity into high gear by tracking how much time you spend online, and locking yourself out of distracting websites while you work. This is the perfect all in one time management tool.

6. Little Snapper

Quickly capture any page with this extension without having to have the actual program open on your Mac. This is one of the better bookmarklet programs I have personally found for Safari.

7. Live CSS

Live updating CSS coding has been a big pet peeve for Safari users who have had to use FireFox for the purpose. Up until now, at least. This developer made an extension that makes it simple to live edit CSS in your Safari browser. This is such a great tool for webmasters and web designers.

8. Google Translate

Google still has the market dominated when it comes to effective translation services. You can use a single-click process for translating entire webpages into the language of your choice. The translations are fairly accurate, as well.

9. SafariTabs

I am a huge fan of any tab support program that saves multiple browser sessions. This is a great extension for that, so you don’t have to rely on the often shaky tab saver already installed in the browser. Great for research.

10. Gmail Counter

Add in a little button to the toolbar that shows you how many Gmail messages you currently have waiting. Then use that button to take you directly to the email client. Simple but effective, and you would be surprised at how much better you focus when you’re not constantly checking your messages.


Safari is one of those browsers with endless extensions and apps available. Which, given it is Apple specific, makes sense. They are well known for their app support. But these are ten that are sure to boost your productivity, so be sure to check them out.






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