Have Tablets Replaced Laptops?

Many people wonder, mostly including the “average customers’, is if tablets have replaced laptops. Read the article to find out.

My answer once again is that it depends. It depends on “Why you use your laptop”. If you use your computer for heavy graphic designing, heavy video editing with special effects, professional photo editing or even hardcore gaming (video games like Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3 etc.) the answer is definitely not.

Tablet technology is pretty new and not that much sophisticated to just to those standards. If this is your occasion, I surely recommend buying a laptop. If you use your computer just for checking your e-mail, for light photo and video editing, and playing or using applications mainly as “time-killers”, or using it as an Internet source while traveling, well a tablet must be your first choice. Tablets are smaller, thinner, and lighter, with beautiful displays up to 10″, high quality cameras, 4G LTE support, and of course, they are way cheaper. Also for most of the tablets in the market, the user can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard which can plug into his/her device, and have a small netbook.

That also means that the user can use his/her tablet by using either the touch screen or the keyboard & mouse (or even both, in the same time). If this is your occasion, a tablet is the best solution. Also iOS and Android (especially Android), are really advanced mobile operating systems which in this occasion, can definitely replace a desktop OS.

Another advantage is that, all the mobile platforms have application stores, which the user can download, games, editing application and thousands other useful apps for his/her everyday life. Also some tablets have quad-core processors and quad-core graphics which definitely make them as powerful as some really expensive laptops.

The two tablets I suggest you buying in case you belong to the second occasion are:

1.) The New iPad (iOS 5)

2.) Asus Transformer Prime (Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich) 

Both of them have excellent specks, 4G support, quad-core processors and graphics, and ship with the two most advanced mobile platforms in the world.

Tablets, compared to laptops, are new technology, which started back in 2010 with the release of the first generation iPad (the very first tablet made by Apple). In conclusion I believe, that “tablet technology” has a lot more to bring to the user, it will become a lot more advanced the next two years and I think that, by 2016, tablets will replace computers.

Thanks so much for reading; I hope this article helped you out to choose which gadget is better for you. If you have any questions based on this article feel free to leave them in the comment section below.






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