MenuWeather Mac App, the Ultimate Weather Solution

So over the past few days, and now finding that the weather is really on and off where I live, I have decided I need a way to see the current weather conditions on my desktop. This is by far the best way that I have tried to display those conditions, the app is called MenuWeather Lite and is available for free on the Mac App Store with this link.

First off the competiton had some problems. I have used geektool and the method where you drag the weather widget out of the dashboard on to the desktop, but they just didn’t work. GeekTool can be very confusing for some, and although I got it, I just didn’t like the effect that it gave me. Also the dragging the widgets method is awesome in terms of the graphical look, yet it stays on top of all windows. 

Download it:Now MenuWeather is free, which is another plus, and the paid version has no clear advantages over the lite one. Some even said there are more problems with the paid version. To download the app, simply click the link supplied in the first paragraph. 

Open it: Once you have the app downloaded it’s time to open er’ up and plug in some info. You’ll see the app show up on the menu bar when you open it up, it will ask you for your location, but if you happen to skip that step just click it and hit the drop down menu option Preferences. Here’s what that looks like up top:

Use it: Below is a photo that shows what you see when you click on the Menu Bar app:

So Here is the options that you get:

  • Update weather will does what it says, update the weather, I have the preferences set up so that it auto-updates every 15 mintues though. 
  • Here you can see more information on the weather including the wind speeds and direction, pressure, humidty, visibilty, sunrise, and sunset times. 
  • Not only do you see options for today, but for the rest of the week. Also you get the option to see more weather that will take you to to this:

Here we have many more options that will all take you to This is exactly the thing that I love about this app, simplicity that gets you the information. 


The final word on this app is positive. If you want a simple app that will give you tons of information, yet presented in a simple way, download this app. You might as well give it a shot and it is something that most didn’t even know about, and I think that the next time you are booting up your computer, you will see that app waiting in your menu bar. Go ahead and tell your friends about the app too because this is a great tool. I can’t believe that Apple doesn’t have this preloaded.






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