5 Tools to Turn Twitter Into a Diary

In a way, Twitter is already a kind of diary. All blogs could be considered journals of some type, including the micro blogging tool of a tweet. But there are enough differences that it could be helpful to find a tool that better uses the technology to that aim. Like a conversion app that turns tweets into diary entries.

There are actually multiple options for that kind of thing, each with a different function. Some of them make certain tweets completely private to anyone but you for a real diary feel. Others allow you to log details of your life in order to remain organized. Some are even effective for losing weight or cataloging meals.

Here are five great tools for turning your Twitter into a diary.


You can put any tweets in a diary using this tool. It allows you to search public accounts for any user. Then it takes their tweets and exports them into a PDF or eBook (ePub) format for you to save or print. This tool has become pretty popular for the ultimate fan type of person who wants a collection of tweets from their favorite celebrity or artist. But you can do it for yourself or any other Twitter user.

Tweet What You Spend

The first rule of controlling your budget is tracking it. You should always know what you have spent, and when you have spent it. This is much more important these days, since everything we do is pretty much digital. It isn’t like holding cash, and so knowing just how much you have left at all times. This tool lets you tweet everything you spent through your phone, at the time of purchase. It then categorizes your spending in a cash journal, and even lets you set a daily budget with alerts if you are getting close to your limit.

Tweet What You Eat

Like having a healthy budget, you have to have a caloric budget to keep a healthy body. But it takes time to put everything into a manual journal at the end of the day. Why not just keep track as you eat it, by sending a quick tweet to your account? If you don’t know the calorie amount of a food item, the app will use CrowdCal to fill it in for you. Or you can manually enter the amounts if you know them. It also has FitBit compatibility, so sync up your device if you have one for even more control.


Looking for something a little more professional? Add Twitpics, Tweetphotos, Yfroog replies, a cover picture and a dedication. Then get a physical copy to keep of your Twournal, not just a digital copy. They will even help you to sell it, if you want. They provide a free PDF option, or prices range from $15 to $135. All shipping is free within the US, or shipped with a fee internationally.


Put in your username and password, and this tool will turn your Twitter account into a private diary. Just post your tweets through the site and they will be viewable only by you, while the rest of your account is private. It is easy to use, safe, and a great way to use your account for more than just micro blogging.

Do you have a tool that turns Twitter into a diary? Let us know in the comments!






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