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Roku 3 Review

This is the Roku 3. It’s a multimedia streaming device that allows you to stream content straight to your Television. You can also hook up an external storage device to stream your videos, photos, and music by using the USB connector on the side of the device. You can also use the Micro SD reader which is located under the HDMI port on the back of the device. You can also use the Ethernet port to get files from a local server, or just to hook it up to the internet. Speaking of an internet connection, you can also connect it wirelessly through the settings on the device. The power port however is just a power port, so nothing special there.

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How Social Media Could Benefit Businesses 

(Note: The thumbnail has been changed due to a misspelling on my behalf. I apologize in advance. it's benefits, not benifits.) 

In today’s world social media is a very popular platform. It is a way for us to share our personal life and reconnect with our friends from the past. Raking in over millions of users social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter allows us to interact, and share with one another from far distances; so long as we have a simple Internet connection. Seeing that these platforms have become a popular trend, it’s no surprise that businesses should take a look into what makes these platforms special. What makes these platforms special to a business is the ability to interact with customers, being able to keep information up to date, and showing a more personal aspect from the company.

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Fresh Paint 

I decided to look around the Microsoft app store to see if I could find something useful to try. I was feeling like I wanted to draw, so I decided to look for something in the art department of applications. Then I found an application that caught my eye called Fresh Paint. So what is Fresh Paint? Fresh Paint (and I know I am saying that a lot) is a Windows 8 based application that allows people to use their computer as a canvas board. So in other words, you can use your computer to draw, paint, or even just come up with new ideas that you want to put down on paper. So let’s dive right into this artistic application and see what it has to offer.

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3 Easy Steps For Converting YouTube Videos To Mp3 is a FREE program specifically designed to convert flv files into mp3 files so that you can listen and view the files from other devices like a laptop, iPhone, or mp3 player. Simply go to for all conversions. This is ideal for saving and accessing the files from your own device (i.e., computer, iphone, mobile device, mp3 player or iPod.) 

Don't worry it's 100% free so you don't have to spend a dime.

How Works?

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Best YouTube Hacks

Best YouTube Hacks

YouTube is one of those tools that no one really knows how to work. Many Google owned services are this way, as they will contain a large list of features that the average user never finds out about. Most of the people who frequent YouTube every single day don't know about half of the cool things they can do with the site. How could they, as no one has ever told them?

These are only a few YouTube hacks, but they are arguably the best ones.


What is the worse part about YouTube? The comments, hands down. Of course, they are starting to filter things differently in order to eliminate spam, trolling and general stupidty. But if you would rather lose them full stop, you can try Feather. The Feather service is currently in beta, and you can opt in. It will give you nothing but the bare bones of any video, without the frills like comments filling the page. This makes them faster to load and much less infuriating. No more do you have to read 12-year-olds calling each other names, or put up with political debates in completely unrelated video comment sections.

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