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Your First Job: 5 Tips To Make Sure You're Paid Enough

When you sacrifice your time and efforts for a company, you expect to be compensated monetarily. It is a pretty fair and straightforward transaction: money for labor. If you are starting your first job, how do you make sure you’re being paid enough? It is tough to gauge your value in dollars because you’ve never had to do so before.

These five tips should help those of you were are new to the workforce, get compensated appropriately. However, you are new to the workforce, so don’t go in with unrealistic expectations. The six figure salary will come later in life.

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Working 9 to 5 (20.11.2011- DAY 7)

Day 7! We have finally accomplished a week, guys. This is a mini milestone in itself! To treat you all I have brought the camera through out my whole day today! I hope you can come along on the journey with me and enjoy and share many moments. If you have any questions please leave a comment bellow or you can Tweet me.


Granddad's (19.11.2011- Day 6)

Today I have my sixth college vlog, I talk about my Saturday, work and in general life. It's filmed over at my granddad's house, one of the most beautiful houses in the world! It's over 200 years old. I was hoping to get some footage from the scenery around it, but it was too dark. Hope you guys enjoy! It's in full 720p. If you have any questions, please leave them down bellow or you can catch me on Twitter.


Firesheep your FireFox to Hack Facebook

I'm all against hacking and using exploits for personal gain. However, I'd like you to know that there is a FireFox extension called Firesheep that enables you to hack into anyone's Facebook account if you are in an unprotected wireless hotspot. What Firesheep allows you to do is to use cached information that is stored within that wireless hotspot to enable you to access their photos, personal information, etc., but they cannot change your password.

This video from HouseHoldHacker provides more information:

You may not want to use a public wireless hotspot that isn't protected now. Before you stop taking your laptop or iPad out to a local coffee shop, you may want to consider using a MIFI or mobile WIFI device that is protected and uses 3G to connect to the web. It's inexpensive, very mobile and can save you from giving your personal information to a complete stranger. 

In the UK you can pick one up from 3 for as little as £70 that includes 3GB of data off contract. In the US, you can pick up a MIFI for $99 on Verizon with a 2 year contract. It may sound expensive but you'll have mobile broadband where ever you are and it's a great deal if you travel a lot.

Stay protected and don't go spreading your information to people you don't know!