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Top 4 Blog Platforms: Which One Do You Choose?

Have you been considering starting up a blog? Given the amount of respect that has fallen to the art of blogging, and the way they can be fully monetized to work as both an income generator and investment, now is an excellent time. Getting started isn't even very difficult; all you really need is a passion for your topic, and the dedication to work at it until you reach success.

But there are a couple of things to consider. A big one is what platform you will use, as more and more services open up to help people reach their blogging potential. There is no real "best" platform on the web; it really depends on what you will need, and which one best fits those needs.

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What is WordPress?

The service recieves 131 million unique visitors a month.Did you know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the web? 15% of all sites online use it to serve up content to their users.

WordPress is a Content Management System that uses PHP to connect to a MySQL database and retrieve & edit the contents of it.

Basically it's ready-made a piece of free software that makes doing a complicated task (creating, editing and retrieving database entries) much more user friendly by offering a GUI for working with it.

The benefits of using a CMS over standard html files are many, the main one is the ability for users to create content without the need to know html or css code, in fact you don't need to know any code at all!

There's even more reasons for you to choose WordPress over plain html. A CMS is dynamic, makes large scale and site wide edits easy.

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Tools For WordPress Bloggers - Jetpack

Bring the power of the cloud to your site.

There seems to be no limit to the amount of tools for bloggers but Jetpack brings a lot of those tools together into one neat & powerful package.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is the plugin for self hosted WordPress sites to give those users the same awesome features that users of get with their sites - like social sharing, powerful stats and CDN access. It's maintained by Automattic, the company behind, AkismetGravitar and Polldaddy. Automattic serve more people per day that many other sites, they do that by trying to make the web better.

The best thing about Jetpack is that it's cloud enabled - it offloads the hard work from your own server to WordPress' super fast could network so you get everything that a self hosted WordPress site has but with all the power of's servers. The list of features keeps growing and as of writing currently Jetpack has 25 individual modules.

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Why Create a Professional Online Resume with WordPress

I'm sure you have a resume, we all do. It might be on paper, a USB stick or in the cloud but you'll have one. You probably uploaded it onto a number of online job sites and have a digital version ready to email to employers. One thing you might be missing is an online version that you control 100%. You can get complete control over the look of your own Resume if you use WordPress to build and updating and amending it is simply a case of a few clicks and a little typing.

Benefits of an Online Resume

It's only natural for you to want your Resume to look nice, after all the nicer and more eye-catching it is the more likely the employer is to notice you.

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3 Ways to use WordPress as a Service

There are many ways, and many reasons, why you would want to use WordPress for something other than publishing a blog. Maybe you want a place to keep track of your ideas, somewhere to remember links you find or you simply need an online presence. Anything you can think of you can create.

The fact is that WordPress can be transformed into a powerful personal tool for a huge variety of purposes. I won't go through the whole process of installing and setting up WordPress here.

WordPress as a Service

I've made use of WordPress for different publishing and content sharing tasks but I've also deployed solutions to personal problems built solely from WordPress. I've even built sites from WordPress that are used within organizations to make their communications more efficient in the form of an Intranet.

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