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How To Create A Complex Membership Website For Free

Do you belong to any membership websites? Of course you do. Can you create a membership website yourself? Of course you can. If you use the right tool. Anyone with the right software can set up a complete, full-featured membership website without writing a single line of code. No fancy web design skills required.

Since DIY site builders aren’t shrinking in numbers (there are more than two dozens and growing!), finding the most effective one can be a challenge. So let me help you. Meet uCoz, a Do-It-Yourself website builder that lets you quickly create complex websites right in your browser. Nothing to download and install. Just sign up and follow the wizard.

uCoz Website Builder

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Portfoliobox - All You Need to Build a Website

Website Icon

Creating a website used to be difficult. Not anymore – nowadays almost everyone has a website or at least a blog, thanks to different CMS solutions and blogging platforms that make it possible to build a website in just a few clicks.

Of course, the range of available options varies from service to service, and so does the level of customization you can perform. If you're not too finicky, but still want a beautiful website, may I recommend Portfoliobox?


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Stumble Upon

Today we’re going to be looking at a free to use application from the Windows 8 app store called “Stumble Upon”. What this application does is keep track of all of your interests and brings up multiple websites and articles based on that interest. All of this is displayed within a good looking tile based environment. From here, if you find something you like or are interested in you can like and share the post to all of your social networking accounts with just a click of a button. Aside from that, the next best thing we can talk about it the tiles and things within the environment itself.

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Khan Academy

Not too long ago we looked at a website that was dedicated to teaching you code. But what other educational needs? What if, you want to refresh your memory on some kind math skill, or eve teach your child something so that they are better prepared for when they get into school? I came across an advertisement for a website that was being praised as a good learning tool. That website is Khan Academy. Following a similar concept to code academy this website is dedicated to teaching you math, economics and finance, science, and several other forms of topics.

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Typing Web Typing Tutor

While writing a script or some code, I find myself typing slower and slower each time. I usually have to glance down at the keyboard to make sure my fingers are on the right keys just so I don’t make any errors. After a while I started to feel like I needed to get some more practice with typing. I was recommended an application called “Typing Web” which was a free to use typing tutor. What this application is supposed to do is help the user to type quickly and more efficiently so that productivity can be increased. To achieve this, it uses the high school method of teaching. Makes you look at the screen and cover your keyboard and start typing. Sounds simple enough. Of course you could always look down and cheat, but that’s where you have to learn self-control and not do that.


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