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Browsers You've Never Heard Of: QupZilla

QupZilla iconThe chances are that you are reading this article in one of the five most popular web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you're using, you've surely heard of the other four, if not tried them at least once in your surfing career.

Of course, “the big five” aren't the only browsers available – there are plenty more for different platforms, and it's great that there are, because it means that the users are given a wider choice.

Joining the ranks of lightweight web browsers like Midori, K-Meleon and Pale Moon is QupZilla – a simple, zippy browser with features that some major browsers don't even have by default.

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Augmented Browsing with Firefox

As the web evolves, the ways of using it evolve with it. We're long past the era of total uniformity when it comes to accessing this information wealth, but there is still much room for personalization and improvement. Our browsers give us a basic view, defaulting to the most common usage case, but there's no reason to strictly adhere to what is most common.

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Picozu Shooter Takes Screenshots In Your Browser

If you ask me, addons are the best thing about Firefox. They are free and easy to install, they provide the user with an effortless way to add new features, and there are so many to choose from! In case one of your addons stops working, chances are that you'll find a functional replacement.

We've already covered some great Firefox addons here on Teksocial: from different kinds of speed dial addons to those that improve readability. Today we'll take a quick look at a small tool that has only one job – and does it perfectly.

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Vuemix Video Browser Review

Ever wanted to share a collection of different clips, or even view them at the same time? This is hard enough to do on a PC, and pretty much impossible on a phone. At least until now, thanks to the Vuemix Video Browser app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Vuemix is the first ever app that allows you to view up to nine different video clips at once.

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Google Chrome iPhone App Review

Not everyone wants to use the standard Safari browser that comes with the iPhone. While it isn't a bad program, it just doesn't match up to the competition. Luckily, you can get one of the most popular browsers for your phone, with the Chrome app.

This is the perfect application if you want faster web browsing, streaming and downloads.The search is very fast with an integrated Google page that lets you search and navigate from the same box, with responsive results. Plus, you can sign into your Chrome account and get your open tabs, bookmarks and history from your computer. You can even use private browsing.

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