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Entries in Weather (6)


Yahoo! Weather for iPhone - Weather App with the Twist

There are a lot of weather apps out there, many of which are independent or third-party apps for the iPhone. While I am all up for supporting amateur developers and small businesses, there are some apps where it is more beneficial to go with the big guys. That is especially true of any program that works with weather forecasts.

Yahoo has what is probably the most beautiful, effective forecasting app on the market. Which is why Yahoo Weather is still the most popular option around.

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Weather Wallpaper for Mac

You can get a lot of free wallpapers out there, but they are nothing particularly outstanding. Many of them are pretty boring, or just photos that have been adjusted to fit your Mac screen. Definitely not worth much, and nothing to write home about.

When it comes to more creative and functional wallpapers, you do have options. Weather Wallpaper is one of the best apps I have found for a beautiful background that actually offers you something in addition.

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Degrees - Weather App for Mac Review

I tend to go to Google for the current temperature and weather forecast. I prefer to know how to dress before I select my outfit, and the last thing I want to do is slip out in my pajamas to find out for myself. Plus, I don't own a television, so there is no way I could flip on the morning news to find out there. Sure, it isn't a huge problem, but having an app to see the temperature is certainly convenient.

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While there are a couple of good mobile apps for it, I prefer this desktop app from Mac Update. Degrees puts a small, simple temperature icon on your menu bar. It will automatically detect your coordinates to give you the most accurate reading possible. Or, you can manually enter a location to find out the temperature there.

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YoWindow: Fun Real Time Weather App

YoWindow is a cool multi-platform app that displays an animated landscape on the screen, reflecting real-time changes in weather and seasons. And even the sun sets or rises in YoWindow at the same time as in real life, so running the program is just like looking outside through the window.

You can have it in your browser, desktop (Mac and Windows), anywhere!


InstaWeather Pro: Weather App Review for iPhone

You can get a weather forecast anywhere online, or on your television. Most themes for the iPhone and other Apple devices have a little weather widget you can add to your dashboard. But this isn't you're everyday weather app. It is so much more than that.

You should think of it m

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