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HOW TO: Turn Video into an Animated Gif (Mac)

I have stumbled across this cool tutorial on turning videos into gif files. Here's a quick recap (Mind that you can also turn your iPhone videos into gif using this cool free iPhone app we reviews previously).

Things you will need:

And here's the result (Let's call it "When youdon't feel like working!")

  1. Open your video in MPEG Strteamclip and select the part you want to turn into gif (the shorter the better). Use Edit-Select in / out for that
  2. Export video as the sequence of images (make sure to click "Options" to set "frames per second": The more the faster will be the gif)
  3. In Gimp, open all the resulting images using "Open as layers"
  4. Now export the sequence as gif image (make sure to "Loop forever").

Here's my result:


Cinegram a Free iPhone App to Create Awesome Cinemagraphs

Do you know what a Cinemagraph is? It's better than an animated GIF and catchier than a video. Usually it's a gif with most of it being frozen and only one and only part of it moving in a loop.

There's a free iPhone app that can create those: Cinegram is free, awesome and it's going to keep you busy!

Here's my first one I created just within a couple of minutes:

Now, go play!