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3 Easy Steps For Converting YouTube Videos To Mp3 is a FREE program specifically designed to convert flv files into mp3 files so that you can listen and view the files from other devices like a laptop, iPhone, or mp3 player. Simply go to for all conversions. This is ideal for saving and accessing the files from your own device (i.e., computer, iphone, mobile device, mp3 player or iPod.) 

Don't worry it's 100% free so you don't have to spend a dime.

How Works?

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Handbrake: Open Source Video Transcoder

HandBrake is a cross-platform (Linux, OS X, Windows), multi-threaded video transcoding application. It's a free (GPL-licensed), open source tool that enables you to easily convert from nearly any format to the most often used codecs of today, thus making them useful on devices beyond your desktop computer. This article will give an overview of its features and then guide you through a typical use case. We will be using the Linux version of the program, but the differences across platforms are mostly cosmetic. Having said that, Mac users can take a look at the GUI in this brief article.


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Converto - Free Unit Convertor for Mac Review

Whether it is for professional, personal or academic use, it pays to have a good unit converter on hand. I frequently need one for recipes, currency conversion and occasionally distances. All of which are just a few of the unit types covered by Converto, the perfect converter for your Mac.

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Any Video Converter Lite for Mac Review

Any Video Converter Lite

In the past I have had to use two or three different video converters for my purposes, as I make my own media and have to provide different formats for different styles of viewing. This has always been a major hassle, and I have usually spent a pretty penny on the conversion software I do choose to use.

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Handbrake Video Conversion and Ripping Software for Mac

This is one of the more controversial apps I have tried in recent memory. It is a well known video conversion and ripping software. There have been a lot of bad reviews, which surprised me as I had not tried to look at what other people said until after I had tried it myself. I didn't understand the animosity that was being flung its way. That is, until I actually read through the reviews.

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