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Facebook Buys Oculus

One of the biggest purchases of this week which surprised both me and the tech community was Facebook’s recent buyout of the Oculus Company and device. The Company was bought out for $400 million dollars in cash, $1.6 Billion in Facebook stock, and an additional $300 million will be given if the product meets certain performance quote. Although this may seem like a lot of money (which for any other person it is) I don’t believe the Facebook stock would be worth it. Facebook is a Social Media based website much like Myspace, it’s a fad that might die out in the future. If you look at a quote for the Facebook stock you’ll notice the odd traveling pattern for its odd stock pattern. But if I were to think about it in the long run, Facebook is a Company willing to make investments to make something better, so they could be the next Apple.

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Fresh Paint 

I decided to look around the Microsoft app store to see if I could find something useful to try. I was feeling like I wanted to draw, so I decided to look for something in the art department of applications. Then I found an application that caught my eye called Fresh Paint. So what is Fresh Paint? Fresh Paint (and I know I am saying that a lot) is a Windows 8 based application that allows people to use their computer as a canvas board. So in other words, you can use your computer to draw, paint, or even just come up with new ideas that you want to put down on paper. So let’s dive right into this artistic application and see what it has to offer.

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Programming Tutorials Windows App

Today we’re going to be looking into a Windows application called “Programming Tutorials”. This application helps people understand programming by teaching them through a visual method or a “Do as I do” method. Having various kinds of instructors and different ways of teaching, this application allows for a variety of categories on different kinds of programming languages. For example, Ruby, Python, C++, C#, or even HTML is covered in its own category to make it easier for navigation. So if you are able to learn better through someone teaching you while watching and mimicking their actions, give this application a try. It’s very organized and can be helpful to anyone who is wanting to learn a programming language.  


8 Ways to Speed up your Computer. 

Today, we live in the most technologically advanced society that is known to exist. Almost everything is maintained or controlled by some kind of computer. It can be a handheld tablet pc, or a desktop pc that you use within the comfort of your own home. However, even with the most advanced computer system there tends to be a slowdown within the machine which can be caused by a number of reasons. In this article/video I am going to show you 8 different ways you can speed up your machine. Hopefully even you can have a faster machine at the end of all of this. Also, be reasonable. If you’re running an old computer from back in 2004, this would be a time to upgrade. These methods will only work with Windows based machines.

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Mac OS X Mavericks Overview (Video Inside!) 

Not long ago Apple released their latest update to the OS X software
line titled “Mavericks”. This new update was going to update some of the software that is already on your mac, and even add some new apps in the mix. Normally these kinds of updates cost around twenty to thirty dollars. In this case however, you can download the latest update from the app store for free. That’s right, this operating system update downloads and installs much like an application and it is free to the public. It can also be used as an upgrade from your older OS to a newer one. Although the price tag is awesome, what exactly did they add to this update that makes it shine from the rest? Let’s get started shall we? 

One of the new features Mavericks offers, which is one of my personal favorites is the finder tabs. Normally you would have to open several windows and cycle through them to get from point A to point B to point C and it can become a mess real quick. However with the finder tabs you can open up several tabs in one finder window that you can also cycle through making it much easier to get from window to window. The best way to think of this is like an internet browser with its tab system. That’s exactly how it functions. For me this is useful because of how many windows I normally have open in one usage. So this can benefit other users as well.

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