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30 Exciting Mobile App Design Trends and Elements

We are living in a thrilling time for mobile applications and functionality. As technology continues to thrive on the innovation of independent or small-studio developers, the possibility of releasing the next big hit remains ever in your favor.

Certain trends and patterns have been establishing themselves in the world of app design in the past six months that give us a look at how the art is adapting. But unlike in the past, these seem like they will stick around for more than a single year. If you want to match the rather uniform look, function, usability and feature requirements that have become the gold standard for popular or viral apps, pay close attention to these 30 trends.

1. Buttons Hiding Menus

Buttons Hiding Menus


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Why Android Will Ultimately Fail

Android has some impressive features. It can run multiple apps at once, supports the 1GHz Nexus One, and overlays demographic data onto a map.

And that is precisely why they'll fail.

If you are a geek, you may want more out of the iPhone or the iPad. You want the ability to customize the UI, run multiple apps at once, and download apps that may or may not be damaging to the core services of your phone. All these things must be done with some knowledge of how technology works; how processors deal with tasks, for example. If you are running multiple apps, you'll need to figure out which app is a CPU hog, and quit it. This is easy if you're a geek. But, if you're an average user, this may be incredibly hard to comprehend.

The 1984 Mac introduced the GUI. The GUI revolutionized computers… It let users run a computer without extensive knowledge of how it actually works… no need to know any command line whatsoever. The iPhone is doing that with cell phones. It's simplifying the cell phone. Yet, making it more powerful. So you don't have to deal with a task manager on a mobile device.

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