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The Best Social Networking Apps

At Brave Media, we understand that digital marketing is a forever-evolving beast. To stay competitive, we need to always be looking forward - to try and monopolise on the future while we’re very much still in the present. Apps, invariably, are integral to that future.                         

There will likely come a time when there is an app for absolutely everything - every whim and want, but right now we’re focussing on social networking. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr are mainstays and also givens, but what social networking apps make for a richer experience?



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5 Tech Experts You Should be Following on Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful platform for connecting yourself to everything that is going on around the world.  This is certainly true when it comes to finding out the latest technology news and opinions from the leading sources around the world.

While following authoritative technology news websites is always worthwhile, for the personal touch it is often more fun to look for individuals with whom you might be able to connect with and engage in conversation.

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9 People Teaching Us Gamification

Finding effective ways of improving productivity and problem solving is a major focus for many of us. Whether it is in our own lives, or in teaching others, everything from metaphors to pneumatic devices can be helpful. One that has been around for awhile but was only recently named and applied in a more modern way is gamification.

What Is Gamification?

Coined by British computer programmer and game developer Nick Pelling, gamification is a term used to describe the application of "game thinking" into non-game related situations. It also uses "game mechanics" to the same effect.

It taps into the natural competitive spirit of human beings, and offers rewards for achievements at every level of success. Points can be awarded, special titles given, an end prize worked toward, and the whole process can be done as an individual or as a team. Anything that makes a task, either professional or personal, feel more like a game is gamification.

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Manage Your Social Media Data on Desktop: SocialFolders

The computer is more than just a piece of technology. It is the hub of which all of life's business seems to be conducted. Even mobile devices are synced to a computer of some description, and so everything that we use is generally thrust into various folders on our desktop and through online profiles.


For myself, it is the online profiles that hold the majority of my data. I have a Dropbox, Photobucket, Google Docs, Evernote and various other accounts. Not to mention my social media profiles, which are numerous and very well used.

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5 Tools to Turn Twitter Into a Diary

In a way, Twitter is already a kind of diary. All blogs could be considered journals of some type, including the micro blogging tool of a tweet. But there are enough differences that it could be helpful to find a tool that better uses the technology to that aim. Like a conversion app that turns tweets into diary entries.

There are actually multiple options for that kind of thing, each with a different function. Some of them make certain tweets completely private to anyone but you for a real diary feel. Others allow you to log details of your life in order to remain organized. Some are even effective for losing weight or cataloging meals.

Here are five great tools for turning your Twitter into a diary.

1. Twitario


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