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Top 4 Blog Platforms: Which One Do You Choose?

Have you been considering starting up a blog? Given the amount of respect that has fallen to the art of blogging, and the way they can be fully monetized to work as both an income generator and investment, now is an excellent time. Getting started isn't even very difficult; all you really need is a passion for your topic, and the dedication to work at it until you reach success.

But there are a couple of things to consider. A big one is what platform you will use, as more and more services open up to help people reach their blogging potential. There is no real "best" platform on the web; it really depends on what you will need, and which one best fits those needs.

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How to Batch-Download Images from Tumblr

Tumblr logoTumblr is a great source of amazing photos, but downloading them one by one is impractical and tedious, especially when Tumblr users get creative (or crazy) with their page design and make navigation tiresome (or nearly impossible). This short guide will show you how to automatically download multiple images at once from any Tumblr page. All you need is your favorite terminal emulator application.

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