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30 Exciting Mobile App Design Trends and Elements

We are living in a thrilling time for mobile applications and functionality. As technology continues to thrive on the innovation of independent or small-studio developers, the possibility of releasing the next big hit remains ever in your favor.

Certain trends and patterns have been establishing themselves in the world of app design in the past six months that give us a look at how the art is adapting. But unlike in the past, these seem like they will stick around for more than a single year. If you want to match the rather uniform look, function, usability and feature requirements that have become the gold standard for popular or viral apps, pay close attention to these 30 trends.

1. Buttons Hiding Menus

Buttons Hiding Menus


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Email Use and Security [Infographic]

Almost every day we use our email addresses. We use them to communicate with others, to send and receive files and to sign-up/login on other sites and services, like social networks. Because they are linked to so many different accounts. and it's normally needed to login, some would even say an email address is an access gateway to the internet.

Stephanie Garcia of has pieced together this cool infographic about email use from around the world and uploaded in to the gallery on


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Apple - the trend-setter

We all know that Apple has great style, just look at Mac OS X for proof, but are they the industry standard for design nowadays? When Apple unveiled Coverflow the world gasped - and we can see why, one of the coolest things since free delivery for pizza! Just months after its introduction, multiple companies followed suite, and created a multitude of Coverflow-style apps. The web found itself revealing in them all, and now even software for Windows offers the feature.

So is it this, the trend-setting aspect of Apple, that keeps them on their toes? For avid fans such as myself I won't ever forget who came up with the design first, but those for those out there who don't know anything about it, they may be forgiven for not even knowing the word 'Coverflow', but who can easily recognise the loveliness of that new web-app of theirs that uses the same design.

Personally I really do think that it is this that forces them to change first in the ever-changing industry. And who can blame them, if your design had spread, wouldn't you want a new one? I belive that it is an important lesson for us all. If you want to get noticed, then be different, and kepp changing - no one likes to wear the same jumper everyday!