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Transform Your Next Road Trip With These Must Have Apps

Are you looking to make your vacation more memorable and exciting? Are you taking a road trip but have no idea where to stay or what to do along the way?

Through this article you'll learn about the latest apps for your smartphone that can help you with everything from discovering new places to avoiding traffic tickets. These apps are here to make your trip easier and more fun.

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Savannah Stopover Music Festival Review

The Savannah Stopover Music Festival is March 6-8, 2014! Anyone who has been to this annual event in the past knows why it is such an exciting festival. Over the course of three days there will be hundreds of bands that participate in a massive concert. You can take part yourself, and now there is an app that will help you navigate it.

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Savannah Walking Tour Lite iPhone Application Review

The Savannah Waking Tour app has become pretty popular since it was released, and has some really positive reviews. But it is kind of costly in comparison to other iTunes purchases, and that presents a bit of a problem. Do you really want to pay $8.99 for an app you might not end up enjoying? Probably not, which is why they have provided a Lite version for free.

How It Works

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Great Dane iPhone Application Review

Do you have a Great Dane trailer? I do, and have for a couple of years. I bought mine used, and so there was some work that had to be done as I drove it across the country. The problem was that I only wanted to go with authorized dealers for parts, repairs and services. It is really difficult to do that while on the road.

It wasn't until I was a couple of states into my trip that I discovered this app.

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How To Find Free WiFi When Traveling Abroad 

Find Free WiFi

When traveling out of the country you have so much to consider. Flight plans, itinerary, lodging, budgets, can get pretty complicated. The longer the trip, the more there is to juggle.

So the last thing you are probably considering when you are getting ready to go is your ability to access free WiFi once you get there.

But its a concern, even more so when it comes to keeping in touch with others back home. Some areas have more internet access than others, and some are next to impossible to find. Having a couple of tools to assist you both before and after arriving at your destination is important.

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