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iPhone 5 64GB and iPod Touch 32GB GIVEAWAY!

A few days ago, I posted the following on TekSocial:

I've recently introduced a highly anticipated service that will no doubt benefit most of you out there. This service was created by popular demand and I thought, since people want it, why not?

So today, I'm proudly introducing an AT&T iPhone 4/4S/5 unlocking service. This service will remotely unlock your AT&T iPhone at one of the most affordable rates in the market. With an unlocked phone comes many benefits which you just don't get with a locked iPhone. 


Well, I've even prepared a website for you! You can go to: to read all about it as well as to answer any questions you might have in mind! 

This is an incredibly simple service that is 100% guaranteed to work!

Well, today, I've got another exciting news to unveil and that is, if you're one of the first 20 to unlock their AT&T iPhone using this service, you stand a chance to win a unlocked iPhone 5 64GB, shipped. Since this is limited and exclusive to the first 20, you have an incredibly high chance of winning! However, if you missed the first 20 unlocks, no worries! As long as you unlock your phone between now and next week, you still stand a chance to win an iPod Touch (5th Gen) 32GB, with a color of your choice!

All unlocking and giveaway information are in the website below, so good luck and thank you so much!


Twitter: @forwardedme


Complete Tour of a Geeky Girl's Room

I was bit by the "room tour bug" in July of this past summer. Now that I've moved into a more permanent home, I thought the time had come for a another one.

When decorating, I tried to keep my setup minimal and clean. That's why I chose the simplistic yellow, black and white color scheme. It's quite nice to have a desk to sit at again and all of my tech gadgets in one place. I strongly recommend a similar setup for you productivity gurus out there! What is your favorite gadget in my room?

I was also happy to place small LOST tokens and things of that nature amongst the room to add a personal feel. This is a bit longer than my usual videos but there's plenty of technological eye candy to keep you busy! What's in YOUR room?


iPod Touch 4G Review

In a world with many music players, one company introduced a device that  has changed the way we think about music devices. ladies and gentlemen,  Apple has updated one of their revolutionary products in September of 2010, called the iPod Touch 4G. Today we will be going over the internal and external parts of the device. We will also look at some of the great features of the iPod.

Inside the hood, there is a blazing fast 1GHz Apple A4 Processor and 256MB of ram. You can buy the 8GB, 32GB or 64 GB sizes. It has 2 Cameras, a rear and  front facing. The front facing camera is 0.3 MP, and it records video at 480p. The rear facing camera is 0.8 MP,  and it will record video at 720p HD. The Mic is in there top too, and it has fairly good sound quality, but not the best. There is, of course, a battery in this device which will give you 40 hours for music, and 7 hours for video, games and browsing the Internet. Last, but not least, one of the most revolutionary parts of the device is the screen. The screen has a resolution of 960-by-640, and it is 3.5 inches. Apple calls this the Retina Display. It is one of the best looking displays out in the market, as of January 2011. The bad part of the screen is that it is not IPS, which means from some angles the screen looks a little washed out. The iPhone 4,   however, has an IPS display so its screen does not look washed out from any angle. That was basically the inside of the device.

The internal parts of the device were amazing, but what about the external design? The front of the magnificent device holds an excellent glass panel, which protects the display. It is not Gorilla Glass, but it is still very good.  The front facing camera is there too. On the left side of the device, you see the volume rocker, which is fairly easy to use. On the devices back, you see your rear facing camera and mic. On the right side of the device, you see nothing but chrome. Without the bottom, this would be a useless device, because the bottom has your speaker, dock connector, and headphone jack. The top of the device has a really useful button and that button is called the sleep/wake button. That was the external design of the device. Next stop is features so hold on for the ride.

Now, what are some amazing things that an iPod Touch 4G, can actually do? I guess it is time to find out. One feature that it has uses the front facing camera and it is called FaceTime. FaceTime lets you video chat with other iPod Touch 4G users, iPhone 4 users and of course Mac users. If you like watching videos, you'll love this app: YouTube. It lets you watch your favorite YouTube videos, straight from your iPod. Of course, you can search for anything, view the featured content, and login to your own account. If you like to game with other people, you'll enjoy this app: Game Center. Game Center lets you challenge other people around the world, to see who is better at a game. You can also browse the Internet,  and check your Email with this device. If you like Music, TV Shows, and Movies, you should know that you can rent or purchase them straight from your iPod, with the iTunes application. One feature everyone loves about the iPod Touch is the App Store, which lets you get hundreds of thousands of apps. They could be free, or paid applications. Let’s say you were playing a game and you got an email? You would have to close your app and check your email,  right? Now, with the iPod Touch 4G, you can check your email without closing the game. The feature that will let you do that is called multitasking. Those were some of the main and exciting features about the iPod Touch 4G.

We have talked about a lot of great things that are in the iPod Touch 4G. We talked about the internal parts of the device, the external design of the device, and about the main features of the device. One thing you might be thinking about asking, is do I recommend this iPod? The solid answer is, yes, I do, because it offers so many features for such a sleek looking, portable device. It also lets you explore an ever changing world of apps.  This would be a great device for anyone because of it's features, and it would especially be great for a pre-teen or a teen, because it would let them talk to their friends face to face. This is an amazing device and I highly recommend everyone go out and buy it.


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