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Top 5 iPhone Battery Saving Tips

Here are five of my favourite tips on conserving your iPhone battery life. If you find you're always running out of juice, these tips should help you out a little bit and allow you to grab a couple extra hours. Leave comments down below with your tips on conserving iPhone, iPad and even laptop battery life. If your tip is used I will showcase you in a future video!



Top 5 Tech Fails of 2011

2011 was quite the roller coaster when it came to tech- lots of good, and lots of bad. In this video, I discuss 5 of the biggest tech fails of the year. What are your thoughts and feelings? Were there any other tech fails you thought were big? Leave a comment down below or on the video page!


Luke's Top Ten Free Mac Applications v.2

I have been saying this was coming for a while now; but here it finally is! This is the sequel to the very popular first edition. In this video I talk about 10 free Mac apps that are very handy and very useful. All the applications in this video are available for free download from the links below. Some of them can even be found in the AppStore. If you have any suggestions for future top 10 videos, or any videos in general shoot me an email or let me know via Twitter. Download the applications here.


My Top 5 iPad Applications of 2010

With the year of 2010 closing its curtain to get ready for 2011, I thought I would share my top 5 iPad applications for the year. The iPad also runs a similar operating system to the iPhone but it is specially made for its form factor. It is one of the most revolutionary devices that has been introduced this year as it is the first of its kind. I have previously posted my top 5 iPhone applications for 2010 and if you are interested please check it out here

5. Weather HD

Weather HD is one of the essential applications to have on the iPad since it does not come with any weather applications out of the box. This application feature beautiful sceneries in conjunction with the weather on the places that users have selected. 

4. Twitter for iPad

This one is a must. Twitter for iPad is a very simple application for all of your Twitter needs. This application uses screen real estate quite well and my favourite feature is that you can continue browsing through all the tweets when you have tapped on a link. This application is available for free on the app store. 

3. Scrabble

Scrabble is one or if not the best word game. Scrabble for iPad is currently on sale (as at 22/12/10) and it is worth purchasing as it will also allow  multiplayer game sessions, weather it would be "pass n' play" or party play. There is a companion application available on the app store that makes your iPhone to be the tile rack of the letters and it connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

2. Goodreader

The iPad would be incomplete without this application. Goodreader basically allows people to open and download documents (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) so that it would also be available for offline viewing. This is one of the essential applications that needs to be installed right now on your iPad if it has not been installed already. 

1. Remote

This is my favourite application installed on the iPad. Remote for the iPhone has been available since 2009. However, with the launch of the iPad, Apple has decided to update this application to be also optimised for the iPad a few months later. This application is a godsend as it will allow people to control their iTunes library on their computer or even control the Apple TV! Better yet the interface of this application is very similar to iTunes on the computer whether you are controlling the Apple TV or the iTunes library on the computer. Download this now!

So that is my top 5 iPad applications of 2010. What are your top 5 iPad applications? is it similar to mine or is it something completely different? Please comment on this post to share your top applications for the iPad. Happy holidays! 


My Favorite Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas to all the writers here at the site! Before everyone starts posting their awesome unboxing's, I thought I'd do a video in the spirit of things. There are many movies that bring out the spirit of Christmas and along with me being a huge movie bluff, I'm also a highly spritied person around Christmas. I believe that these movies would be a great addition to anyone's collection and make for a great pass time with the family. Here's a list of my favorite Christmas movies. Hope you guys enjoy!