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ZAGGkeys: iPad Keyboard + Case Photo Review

ZAGGkeys is a very slim and elegant keyboard for iPad that serves three purposes: a keyboard, a stand and a case.

The main reason why we chose it was that it has backlit keys (I often work at night).

Overall I enjoyed the keyboard: I still need to better get used to it but I found no flaws so far: It looks great and it should serve its purpose perfectly (to me that purpose was turning my iPad into the work tool while on the go).

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See the photo review:

ZAGGkeys unboxing

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My Thoughts: The New iPad 

Yes, I know that I am VERY late at uploading this video, everyone. My apologies. But, the new iPad has been announced (iPad 3/iPad HD/iPad 2S). Apple launched this bad boy on March 16th and was no disappointment. The event took place in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Tim Cook took to the stage as CEO of the multi-billion dollar company and started of by talking about the Post-PC World and the mass amount of products that Apple have sold. Tim then started to talk about the Apple TV. Unsparingly, there was no announcement of an Apple Television Set but in fact an updated Apple TV Box. The Apple TV now streams movies in 1080p HD resolution. A new user interface for the new Apple TV, although owners of the 720p Apple TV box has the get the new look by software updating. 

Tim Cook then went on to speak about the iPad 2 and how it has changed things in so many ways. He compared the iPad user interface to a Samsung Galaxy Tab's user interface and said how the iPad 2 user interface was better. And, roughly 17 minutes into the keynote, Tim Cook announced the New iPad. Not the iPad 3, iPad HD or the iPad 2S. Simply just "The New iPad." Personally, I think Apple has done this because it looks like the iPad will be sticking around for a good while now and it would be stupid to announce and iPad 6/7/8 a few years down the line. So, Apple, I give you props for that. 

Phill Schiller, who is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple took to the stage to announce some of the new features that will be coming to the The New iPad and these features were: 


  • 2048x1536 PPI Retina Display (3.1 Million Pixels All Together), 44% More Saturated
  • Apple A5X Duel Core Processor with Quad Core Graphics
  • New Battery (10 Hours of Battery Life, Instant On) 
  • 5 Megapixel iSight Camera with Auto Focus and Face Detection (Front Facing Camera is VGA Qaulity)
  • 1080P HD Video Capture
  • 4G LTE on AT&T and Verizon 
  • Personal Hotspot 
  • Dictation (Siri equivalent)
  • iPhoto for iPad (as well as iPhone and iPod Touch) 


Later, Phill invited some Game Developers up to the stage to demonstrate their new game for the iPad. Demoed was Infinity Blade, as well as others. 

iPhoto was also demoed by one of the high-up members of Apple. (Unfortunately, I can't recall his name). The app looked great with lots of simple features such as Auto-Enhance and Crop tools.

Lastly, Tim Cook came back onto the stage to say a few final words before the keynote ended. A slide appeared in the background that said: 

2012. There is a lot to look forward to. 

Tim went on to thank everyone for their attendance and said that "it is a privilege of a lifetime to work with so many of the most innovative people one Earth."

Mr. Cook walked of stage and the keynote had finished. 

So, what is your thoughts on The New iPad? Are you happy with the improvements? Could Apple have done any better? Are you going to buy The New iPad? I certainly am! Please comment down below!

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