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Habits Of Happy People

Many people spend their whole lives chasing happiness. They work to extreme exhaustion and do their best to acquire material things in an effort to live a happy life. Many people wait until they’re rich, or when they lose weight before they can say that they are truly happy.

But the truth is, happiness does not come from something external. It does not come from perfect looks, wealth, or even living a perfect life. If you want to be truly happy, you have to learn to practice the habits of happy people.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

If we change our habits, we can change our life.

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5 Reasons Why Apple Is Successful

Many of us on TekSocial are huge Apple fans. That goes without saying. With the recent resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO, I think it is a good time to have a look back on why Apple is so successful, and will continue being so. First off, I'd just like to say these are my opinions on how Apple has become so successful, and I'm happy for you all to post your comments on how you feel about the reasons, and add any that you feel are neccesary.

Note, These are no specific order.

1. Experience - Apple has been in the technology industry for 35 Years! That gives them the edge on newer industrys, as they have that kind of knowledge of the technology market, and know what consumers want. (Now don't get me wrong, Apple has made a couple of mistakes in the past, but nobody is perfect)

2. Innovation - When innovation comes to mind, we all think 'futuristic' am I right? Well that is exactly what Apple are, they produce products that nobody would have ever thought of for another 10, 20 years.

3. Constant change - Now when I say constant change, what I mean is that Apple changes their own competitors market by themselves. Apple has a very positive history of being able to 'innovate' new products into the market, which then puts their competitors on the back foot, as they are years behind them.

4. Marketing - Myself & friends are always talking about the latest ways that Apple has found to advertise their products, most notably their TV commercials. Apple has potentially the best marketing experts in the world working on how to promote their product. Most notably, I remember the first iPad commercial, at the perfect time at Superbowl half time break.

5. Creativity - This is very much like Innovation, but the two together are basically what make Apple what it is today. Apple creates/innovates new products, so well, again their competitors find it hard to keep up with them. And with competitors that are behind them, Apple is always going to be on top.

I understand guys that this is really 4 reasons, as 2 of them are pretty much the same thing, but these I feel are the main reasons Apple is so successful in todays business.