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iPod Touch 4G Review

In a world with many music players, one company introduced a device that  has changed the way we think about music devices. ladies and gentlemen,  Apple has updated one of their revolutionary products in September of 2010, called the iPod Touch 4G. Today we will be going over the internal and external parts of the device. We will also look at some of the great features of the iPod.

Inside the hood, there is a blazing fast 1GHz Apple A4 Processor and 256MB of ram. You can buy the 8GB, 32GB or 64 GB sizes. It has 2 Cameras, a rear and  front facing. The front facing camera is 0.3 MP, and it records video at 480p. The rear facing camera is 0.8 MP,  and it will record video at 720p HD. The Mic is in there top too, and it has fairly good sound quality, but not the best. There is, of course, a battery in this device which will give you 40 hours for music, and 7 hours for video, games and browsing the Internet. Last, but not least, one of the most revolutionary parts of the device is the screen. The screen has a resolution of 960-by-640, and it is 3.5 inches. Apple calls this the Retina Display. It is one of the best looking displays out in the market, as of January 2011. The bad part of the screen is that it is not IPS, which means from some angles the screen looks a little washed out. The iPhone 4,   however, has an IPS display so its screen does not look washed out from any angle. That was basically the inside of the device.

The internal parts of the device were amazing, but what about the external design? The front of the magnificent device holds an excellent glass panel, which protects the display. It is not Gorilla Glass, but it is still very good.  The front facing camera is there too. On the left side of the device, you see the volume rocker, which is fairly easy to use. On the devices back, you see your rear facing camera and mic. On the right side of the device, you see nothing but chrome. Without the bottom, this would be a useless device, because the bottom has your speaker, dock connector, and headphone jack. The top of the device has a really useful button and that button is called the sleep/wake button. That was the external design of the device. Next stop is features so hold on for the ride.

Now, what are some amazing things that an iPod Touch 4G, can actually do? I guess it is time to find out. One feature that it has uses the front facing camera and it is called FaceTime. FaceTime lets you video chat with other iPod Touch 4G users, iPhone 4 users and of course Mac users. If you like watching videos, you'll love this app: YouTube. It lets you watch your favorite YouTube videos, straight from your iPod. Of course, you can search for anything, view the featured content, and login to your own account. If you like to game with other people, you'll enjoy this app: Game Center. Game Center lets you challenge other people around the world, to see who is better at a game. You can also browse the Internet,  and check your Email with this device. If you like Music, TV Shows, and Movies, you should know that you can rent or purchase them straight from your iPod, with the iTunes application. One feature everyone loves about the iPod Touch is the App Store, which lets you get hundreds of thousands of apps. They could be free, or paid applications. Let’s say you were playing a game and you got an email? You would have to close your app and check your email,  right? Now, with the iPod Touch 4G, you can check your email without closing the game. The feature that will let you do that is called multitasking. Those were some of the main and exciting features about the iPod Touch 4G.

We have talked about a lot of great things that are in the iPod Touch 4G. We talked about the internal parts of the device, the external design of the device, and about the main features of the device. One thing you might be thinking about asking, is do I recommend this iPod? The solid answer is, yes, I do, because it offers so many features for such a sleek looking, portable device. It also lets you explore an ever changing world of apps.  This would be a great device for anyone because of it's features, and it would especially be great for a pre-teen or a teen, because it would let them talk to their friends face to face. This is an amazing device and I highly recommend everyone go out and buy it.


iPad 2: A Broken Verse?

To say the least, the March 7th announcement was a dispositive settlement of all those knavish rumors that embroidered the front covers of some uninformed tabloids. But the metaphysics have taken their course back to the tilt-a-whirl, working sound, in cahoots with somewhat of a realistic measure. Indeed, Apple pulled out the big gun like Barney Fife from the The Andy Griffith Show, and dismissed its previous retort back at a CNET reporter, to which Apple claimed that camera on a tablet is like inscribing a lilliputian perforation in a well-preserved Rosetta Stone. But then again, the heifer is back to the ridge, and hypocrisies reprise themselves like Nixon’s little taradiddles.

I’m not gonna lie, but as the provoking title of this ‘treatise,’ more felicitously a rant,  implies, the iPad 2 resembles a broken verse of sorts. I’d gladly lay up a warm-handed accolade to Mr. Jobs, had it been packed with more features, like a corpulent child on a hammock on a spree of gobbling a steamer-trunk size Sasquatch pizza. At the original iPad’s inquest, we see its ‘counterpart’ rehash the advantages, which run the gamut from aluminum chassis to lightweight enclosure, take a very leery effort in trying to retain that fleeting battery life, and rub up on the speed department, in which Apple claims the graphics performance improved by nine times, and the overall speed clock by two. Having said that, I’m a stringent gendarme. I have a slight inkling that something is missing, though I could be jumping on the bandwagon here. However, with my stevedore-likened mouth, I would like to ask why the iOS 5.0 announcement was temporized. At this point, I do reckon it’s an irreducible fact that 5.0 would be strikingly similar to the current firmware, for it has long been established an insidious fact that Apple would not change its contraptions and softwares on the score of simplicity. Then again, from a circumstantial standpoint, austerity has shied away from my palate. 

When the Big A’ gives you that come-hither look, beware of its hoodwink. When you the buyer is sauntering around the hinterland, flummoxed by how bland the Dixie-horticulture is, Steve Jobs along with Apple Execs would be sitting on the lap of luxury at Cupertino, afield from you, glazing over the fact how gullible you are. They feel the pulse of the public, like they were voting for Alvin Greene on a rigged voting machine. But if you have a liability to build a credence that the new iPad is the next Holy Grail, fine. Have at it, but I do not concur. I can reel off a long parchment of a modern-day Pharisees, but that drib-and-drab approach would be rendered obsolete once you, perched on a comfy mattress, gamboling around with your expensive gimmick, come to a conclusion that you’d be better off shopping at a haberdashery. And once more, you’d inhale the redolent whiff of insularity, like that moment when you decided to supplant your iPhone 3G with iPhone 3GS, just because the brand “Apple” has become your new pas de deux, and Steve Jobs is your head capos, covertly an Attila-like existence that’s trying to hack your cynical minds away. 


Steve Jobs, 6 Weeks to Live: My Thoughts

I don't usually post personal blog posts on TekSocial, but this I might just to gather everyone's opinions.Jobs, back in the day Please, set aside 5-10 minutes of your time to read and comment on this post.

It has been announced in various news articles that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, who took time off to focus on his health, has been given 6 weeks to live. This is due to the fact that he has pancreatic cancer, which grows on part of your digestive system. For the faint hearted, the pancreas is a 6-inch long gland and is shaped like a leaf. It provides insulin, unless you're diabetic and releases hormones which revolve around digestion. 

Earlier on, I watched a video Chris Pirillo recorded and published to YouTube, claiming that when he announced the news to his near 92,000 followers on Twitter, a 'kid' messaged him back saying that he will 'celebrate his death'. Why? I'm unsure.

What Jobs has created, a company that only recently claimed the top spot of the computing market, a music device range that has changed the music industry and the people around us, why must someone come to their senses and say such a negitive and disgusting thing. Sure, he may be a kid, no younger than 13 unless his parents don't know he's on Twitter but use some common sense at least, especially when you're talking to a person you don't know in person who has so much power on the internet.

If Jobs pulls through his hard time, or not, we should all remember what Steve has created. A range of products that has made us, 'Think Differently'.



Steve Jobs Won’t Price Match Your $399 TJ Maxx iPad

It looks like you will not be able to get your iPad for the same $399 TJ Maxx price at any Apple Store anytime soon. This follows an e-mail conversation between the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs and a customer. Jake (the customer) wrote to Steve asking whether if he walked into a Apple Store and asked for an iPad would get it at the 


Movie Review: Young Frankenstein

I haven't seen any good new movies lately so I figured I would review an old movie. 

Young Frankenstein, in my opinion, is one of the best comedies of all time. It's in black and white so some younger people may not enjoy it. 

This movie is a parody of the Frankenstein film. After Dr. Frankenstein passes away, his reluctant grandson takes over the mansion only to discover his grandfather's findings and take over the "business." The movie has many hysterical performances, most notably Peter Boyle's and Marty Feldman's. The droll, yet gut-busting humor is an item to remember. 

I reccomend this movie to people ages 14 and older as the younger ones may not enjoy the dark theme. But to all those old enough to understand this humor, a must see!

Rating: 8.5/10