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Robert Scoble Interview

Interview with @Scobleizer on April 4th!

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Twitter for Mac, Twitter for Windows?

In January, we saw with the release of the new Mac App Store Twitter released their new client for Mac,updating the outdated Tweetie, after Twitter bought Atebits, creator of Tweetie and claiming rights to the application. Atebits was also the developer who invented Tweetie for iPhone which in turn changed to Twitter for iPhone. 

Twitter then created Twitter for Android & Twitter for Windows Phone after releasing a BlackBerry client too. With the majority of smartphones sorted, what about the other computer operating systems? Windows & Linux?

Twitter clients which are widely available for Windows and Linux, thanks to the Adobe Air platform are standard and allow the user to control their Twitter account within the client itself, without the need of logging into the web interface. TweetDeck is a great client for those power users where as Twhirl and DestroyTwitter are primarily focused at the casual tweeter. However, with the Adobe Air platform compatible with Mac too, Twitter is facing quite a competition and will need to add more functions than they did with their Mac application to win Windows users over. 

I'm both a Mac and a PC as I operate both within my household so I have no bias opinion, but I ask "what is yours?". Leave a comment below!



Deliver your Content Fresh with

This post was originally posted on for Impressive Blogging - is a great service for bloggers. Utilising your blogs RSS feed, delivers your content to your Twitter profile, Facebook page or profile, Linkedin Profile and more including Tumblr, Google Buzz and Myspace. You may be thinking, "Why would I need I'm pretty sure most of my online followers are subscribed to my RSS feed and they are alerted every time I submit a new post and registering my blog for this will make me look like a spammer to anyone new" That may be the case, but are you defiantly sure ALL your followers are subscribed?

Stats, Stats, Stats (or Deliver it) is one packed web utility. It serves as a blog RSS feeder to your social profiles, as listed in the introduction, as well as a regular status updating suite, like TweetDeck, but you can't see what you're friends are saying, which is a negative, although I don't think many people would use it that way. Not only does it connect with your social profiles but it also packs in stats so you can see at a glance of how many connections you have else where, as well as how many clicks are being received and what posts are popular.

URL Shortener too?

Not only does pack social networking updates and a stats program, it also uses the url shortening service, which isn't a public url shortener to spread your content out to the web. If you wish, you can also choose to use your own domain, which you may have bought when setting up your own website or you can also use a account, if you prefer.

Conclusion is a great service for bloggers to update their readers who don't want to use a RSS reader (like me) but who are always connected to social networks when they are on the web. Functionality and more networks could be added in the future but the service I'm receiving while it is free is great! I must also add that the service is in beta so changes could happen at any time and some added extras could be surprising!

Comment Discussion

How do you alert your readers to your new blog post or do you trust your RSS readers to spread the word for you? Are you willing to give a try? Let me know your opinions and answers in the comments. (Disclaimer: I did not and will not get paid for writing this review post)