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Box Cloud Storage 

If you’re a small business or a starter company that requires a good chunk of storage space, and a way to access it from across the world then this service might just be right for you. Box is a cloud based online storage service/application that will allow you to do just that. When you register for a free account you get 10GB worth of storage for free and the ability to upload files the size of 250MB that can be expanded down the line. You can even share and view files you have uploaded to the service as well as add comments to the file to say what changes have been made or what the document is altogether.

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Theme Forest: Web Template Service

Theme Forest is a web template design service that allows you to purchase a design or theme with a license allowing you to use the theme for a business or service based web site. Essentially this is for those people who know how to code really well in HTML, but doesn’t feel strong in the designing portion of web design. Or in contrast it can be for the web designer to plan out the theme of the website while being able to get a web programmer to make the web site functional for those as well. One of the many talents this site offers is WordPress themes. However, for those of you who have ever used WordPress should know installing a new theme as easy as dragging and dropping the theme in a new older location. So if you’re in need of a web template of theme for your website, give theme forest a try.

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Khan Academy

Not too long ago we looked at a website that was dedicated to teaching you code. But what other educational needs? What if, you want to refresh your memory on some kind math skill, or eve teach your child something so that they are better prepared for when they get into school? I came across an advertisement for a website that was being praised as a good learning tool. That website is Khan Academy. Following a similar concept to code academy this website is dedicated to teaching you math, economics and finance, science, and several other forms of topics.

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Ghost Blogging Platform

There are plenty of blogging platforms out on the web today. A blogging platform is a service that allows you to post content in a manner of a journal, much like WordPress, Squarspace, Blogger, or even Live Journal. A lot of these blogging platforms are better recognized and known more than others. There is one blogging platform that proves to be interesting, and isn’t very well known, and that platform is simply called “Ghost”. Ghost solely focuses on publishing while keeping a simple yet sleek design for those web designers. It’s free to use and free to download, but it does have a service you can pay for that includes hosting and some advertisement. But let’s take a look at what this service truly has to offer.

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Graphically Ebook Publishing Service

Have you ever needed someone to publish an ebook for you? What about converting that comic you’ve been working on to an ebook format? The benefits of having a publisher to enhance your image quality to match up to this day and age technology can help improve your product and companies image. So you might yourself now, “Where do I go to get my art/book made into an ebook format?” In this video we go over a service that will do just that, and guess what? You get your first 1,000 pages converted for free. This service will work with you on a price tag after words. So stick around, watch this video and see for yourself the wonders of Graphically!