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Khan Academy

Not too long ago we looked at a website that was dedicated to teaching you code. But what other educational needs? What if, you want to refresh your memory on some kind math skill, or eve teach your child something so that they are better prepared for when they get into school? I came across an advertisement for a website that was being praised as a good learning tool. That website is Khan Academy. Following a similar concept to code academy this website is dedicated to teaching you math, economics and finance, science, and several other forms of topics.

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A Crucial Lesson Kids No Longer Learn In School

Feather for Quill PenIn days past, binding agreements were made with little more than a handshake and two witnesses. A man’s word was his bond. As society grew more literate and writing instruments evolved, the signatures of both parties became a requirement for executing a legally binding agreement. Signatures, like that of the famous John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence, became marks of identity and proof of a legal bond, a practice that continues to this day.

Ironically, the age of technology may be creating a generation of adults who won’t know how to sign their own names.

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Top 5 Must Have College Gadgets

I'm sure we are all very pissed excited that a new school year is about to begin. What's a back to school experience without your latest and greatest tech gadgets? Here are my top 5 must have gadgets for the 2009 back to school year. This article was intended mainly for college students but any high school or grammar student can benefit from this video as well. A good article review is under this video.

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