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Windows 10 Overview & Thoughts

On Wednesday July 29th Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 taking it out of the Beta form and giving it a full release to the public. If you were a Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, you were given the chance to get a free upgrade by reserving it or pay the $120+ for a copy of the program. If you had a reserved copy you were notified that your upgrade was available, or letting you know that a copy will be available for your computer soon. Most of the delays are due to computer manufacturers preparing drivers for the operating system, or minor bugs being fixed. There is a way to get past the wait, but it requires you deleting some files and forcing the update to your computer. For more of that click the link below. 

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Roku 3 Review

This is the Roku 3. It’s a multimedia streaming device that allows you to stream content straight to your Television. You can also hook up an external storage device to stream your videos, photos, and music by using the USB connector on the side of the device. You can also use the Micro SD reader which is located under the HDMI port on the back of the device. You can also use the Ethernet port to get files from a local server, or just to hook it up to the internet. Speaking of an internet connection, you can also connect it wirelessly through the settings on the device. The power port however is just a power port, so nothing special there.

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Fresh Paint 

I decided to look around the Microsoft app store to see if I could find something useful to try. I was feeling like I wanted to draw, so I decided to look for something in the art department of applications. Then I found an application that caught my eye called Fresh Paint. So what is Fresh Paint? Fresh Paint (and I know I am saying that a lot) is a Windows 8 based application that allows people to use their computer as a canvas board. So in other words, you can use your computer to draw, paint, or even just come up with new ideas that you want to put down on paper. So let’s dive right into this artistic application and see what it has to offer.

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Stumble Upon

Today we’re going to be looking at a free to use application from the Windows 8 app store called “Stumble Upon”. What this application does is keep track of all of your interests and brings up multiple websites and articles based on that interest. All of this is displayed within a good looking tile based environment. From here, if you find something you like or are interested in you can like and share the post to all of your social networking accounts with just a click of a button. Aside from that, the next best thing we can talk about it the tiles and things within the environment itself.

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Night Lighter & Browser Quest 

Finally I decided to look at Microsoft’s application store for something entertaining or just for something  to toy around with. I found two things in particular that caught my attention and those two things are Night Lighter, and Browser Quest. Both are games and are pretty simple to understand and play. Both use just the mouse as a controller, but one is more fun than the other. First we are going to take a look into the game “Night lighter” because of the cute flame character for the icon caught my attention first.

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