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E-Readers At The Beach 

We’ve all tried it. You’re at the beach. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and the joy of reading a nice book in the sand while listening to the waves is calling your name. So you grab your refreshments, your umbrella, your chair, and your sunglasses and head for the sand. But you forgot one thing.

Your reading material is on an electronic device—your laptop, your tablet, your phone. So instead of seeing the words of whatever marvelous content you’re reading, you only see your own reflection on the screen. It’s frustrating. It’s cruel. It’s enough to make you want to bury your device in the sand.

There is an answer to the problem, though. Most E-readers now have the technology to allow you to read your material outside, even in the brightest sunlight.

But how do they work?

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Most Common Apocalypse In Post-Apocalyptic Books

WardayOne of the most important themes of post-apocalyptic books is disaster. This is the point where the story begins, and the nature of the apocalypse determines the tone of the entire book. Authors have come up with numerous creative, gruesome and shockingly vivid ways of bringing humanity to the brink of extinction; some of them inspired by reality others by pure imagination.

Nuclear Warfare

This is by far the most popular means of killing off the human population. Ever since atomic bombs were dropped during World War II, the threat of nuclear extinction has been rife in the minds of many. Post-apocalyptic books take advantage of this by creating a world where nuclear war has already taken place.

Hordes of people are killed during the initial blast and many more die as a result of the ensuing radiation. The books usually pick off during the nuclear winter that results due to the devastating climatic effects of the bombs. Post-apocalyptic nooks such as Dream Caster, Warday and On The Beach take this route.

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StoryPress Advanced Book Manager for iPhone

I originally downloaded the StoryPress app, I was just looking for a convenient way to gather my audiobooks into a single place that was separate from my other media files. But I didn't realize the many other features that it offered, and the different uses I could find for it. Since discovering all that this app can do, I have really fallen in love with it.

More reading apps:

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Reading Addons for Firefox

I love connecting all of my reading sources together, which is what led me to buy a tablet a few years ago. It is always pleasant to be able to access ebooks, check out RSS feeds and read articles in the same place, and in a single format. Which is a luxury you can have on your browser, as well.

For anyone who uses Firefox, it is even simpler to get there benefits for your desktop. There are a ton of extensions that have been created for reading, whether that is books, articles, websites or blogs. Some even have compatibility with transcripts taken from videos.

Trying to decide which extensions are the best is difficult, because there is such a wealth of choice. But I would have to say these are the ones I have personally used and found truly useful.



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FireFox Addons for Better Readability

Readability on websites is getting worse and worse. Maybe that is because people are putting less effort into their layouts, but I think it is the wider emphasis on advertisement. We all know the popular marketing tools, like calls to action and inner-post linking done on blogs. While usually it is done with a certain amount of restraint, there are those webmasters who go way overboard.

Of course, they have every right to do so. They are offering a free service, and they have to make a living and increase their own traffic. But when it detracts from the readability of the post, you have a serious problem. Since it isn't just small blogs having this issue, it is also a problem you are sure to notice. I never fail to be amazed by how many so-called "professional"sources are nearly unreadable.

While you can lodge a complaint with the site, it isn't likely to make a difference. So if you want to read these blogs and sources, but you don't want a headache, try one of these cool readability extensions for Firefox.



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