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Wonderful Web Tools for Visual Storytelling

People love pretty pictures. If you want to create content for the Web, this is something you should keep in mind. Images are often described as being “worth a thousand words” and, when chosen appropriately, they usually make the written content more interesting, memorable and shareable.

Since the majority of popular blogging platforms emphasizes text as a primary means of expression and/or communication, I went looking for something else. I wanted to find a web app that puts images in the spotlight and lets them carry the story – and I found two. Cowbird and Jux are two completely different web apps that share a common goal: making visual storytelling easy and wonderful.

Cowbird or Birdcow?

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Graphically Ebook Publishing Service

Have you ever needed someone to publish an ebook for you? What about converting that comic you’ve been working on to an ebook format? The benefits of having a publisher to enhance your image quality to match up to this day and age technology can help improve your product and companies image. So you might yourself now, “Where do I go to get my art/book made into an ebook format?” In this video we go over a service that will do just that, and guess what? You get your first 1,000 pages converted for free. This service will work with you on a price tag after words. So stick around, watch this video and see for yourself the wonders of Graphically!



Glossi - For the Magazine Editor in You

Since I like to explore and analyze content curation trends, I'm always looking for new apps and services. A while ago I reviewed Zeen, which stimulated my interest in digital publishing, so today I'll present a new tool for creating digital magazines.

Glossi promises a fun and easy experience, it's free and you don't need to be a designer or particularly tech-savvy to use it. As the developers say – all you need is an idea.

Glossi logo

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Publish Digital Magazines with Zeen

The rise of Pinterest as a social platform and the growing number of similar web apps and services have turned “curation” into a buzzword and made reposting a popular and common practice. Another app is jumping on the bandwagon, albeit with a twist – Zeen brings back originality by letting its users create fresh content in an appealing and easy way.

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Steps to Publishing a Kindle eBook

Many people wonder how to get their masterpiece published. In todays market it is just as important, if not more so, to publish for eReaders. I recently wanted to publish a book that I spent the summer writing and working on, but found that it's a lot more complicated than one would expect. I thought it was simply taking a Microsoft Word file that you have saved and uploading that to your publisher, I quickly found out differently. Luckly I am here to help you take the steps necessary to publishing your literature digitally. 

Step 1 - You will want to have your document saved on Microsoft Word for easy file conversion. File type is a big deal when publishing to the Amazon Kindle store. I recgommend saving your file as a .PDF 

Step 2 - You will need some type of software to convert your file to a .mobi file type. The software that I found that best works is Calibre, it's free, easy to use, and works on all operating systems! (CLICK HERE TO GO TO CALIBRE)

Step 3 - Sign up for Amazon Direct Publishing, just do a google search for KDP and you will need to fill out the required information in order to be a kindle publisher. You will need to give your tax information because come tax time, you are expected to file taxes on your earnings, don't worry though, Amazon said that they will mail all publishers who made a profit of any kind information that makes it easy to file based on your earnings. You can still file as an individual too, so don't worry about having to file as a company or business.

Step 4 - Submit your .mobi file to Amazon Direct Publishing and wait for approval. You will need all of the information on the title page to match the metadata and information you give, such as the editor, publisher, and photographers.

It's a time consuming process, but the outturn is great! Check out the book that I just published called Jim. 

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