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Entries in programming (13)


Programming Tutorials Windows App

Today we’re going to be looking into a Windows application called “Programming Tutorials”. This application helps people understand programming by teaching them through a visual method or a “Do as I do” method. Having various kinds of instructors and different ways of teaching, this application allows for a variety of categories on different kinds of programming languages. For example, Ruby, Python, C++, C#, or even HTML is covered in its own category to make it easier for navigation. So if you are able to learn better through someone teaching you while watching and mimicking their actions, give this application a try. It’s very organized and can be helpful to anyone who is wanting to learn a programming language.  


Khan Academy

Not too long ago we looked at a website that was dedicated to teaching you code. But what other educational needs? What if, you want to refresh your memory on some kind math skill, or eve teach your child something so that they are better prepared for when they get into school? I came across an advertisement for a website that was being praised as a good learning tool. That website is Khan Academy. Following a similar concept to code academy this website is dedicated to teaching you math, economics and finance, science, and several other forms of topics.

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Coding Lesson Sites 


In the past I have mentioned several sites that were prmopted towards html coding of even python programming. However, today in this video I would like to show you several unique websites that are made to teach and help you learn programming. There is a vareity of lessons ranging from C# to C++ to even Java scripting. There is a lot you can find on the web, both benifital to your education or even for a hobbiest. So watch this video and give it a shot. You never know what you could learn within a day. I hope you find this video useful in someway, and have a nice day. 


Programming with Python- def tags

Today we are going to be covering one of my favorite tags in python, the def tag. The best way to think of this tag is being able to give a single word a defined function. Unlike giving a variable a meaning, defining a word as a function gives you the option of giving two set variables equations. This may seem confusing at first, but let’s look at the code and see if I can explain it better.

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Programming with Python- If's Elif's Else's 

In todays video we go over the basic principle of the If, elif, and else function in python. The best way to explain this in summary is to say that if one action happens, then this action happens. Elif (Or else that doesn’t end.) this action will happen; else (which is the ending statement) this action happens. Every if has to have an else. With out else the function will not work properly. There is no easy way to explain all this in code unless I show you what it means in code. For example:  


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