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Plan Your Dream Vacation With Minube & Trover

It's the middle of summer and many people are enjoying themselves somewhere far away from their offices as we speak. You might be wondering – why are we reviewing travel planning apps now?

Well, it's never too early to start preparing for your next year's vacation or planning an upcoming winter break. Maybe you're like me and you just love to look at beautiful photos of different places around the world and imagine you'll visit them soon.

As any experienced traveler can confirm, there are many travel apps in existence. Most of them are very similar in approach to travel planning and in features they offer. The originality of a travel app is usually found in the finest details, or in minor yet fantastic functions that make the app stand out from the rest. Minube and Trover are two such apps, and here we'll show you why.

Plan your vacation with Minube and Trover

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Wonderful Web Tools for Visual Storytelling

People love pretty pictures. If you want to create content for the Web, this is something you should keep in mind. Images are often described as being “worth a thousand words” and, when chosen appropriately, they usually make the written content more interesting, memorable and shareable.

Since the majority of popular blogging platforms emphasizes text as a primary means of expression and/or communication, I went looking for something else. I wanted to find a web app that puts images in the spotlight and lets them carry the story – and I found two. Cowbird and Jux are two completely different web apps that share a common goal: making visual storytelling easy and wonderful.

Cowbird or Birdcow?

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Photo Effects Lite Review

Have a good photo program but it could use some extra effects? This is a simple app that lets you drag and drop photos from your Mac's gallery and add up to 42 different effects to it.

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Camera360 Ultimate - iPhone Photo App Review

Camera360 Ultimate

The iPhone's camera is a feature that many of us take for granted. We have gotten so used to being able to record ourselves and others on a whim, that we forget how far this technology has come in such a short amount of time.

An iPhone photo is better quality and resolution than many webcams and even early digital camera models. You can even record some fairly decent videos, no matter where you are. People having iPhones handy has been responsible for some incredible captures over the years.

Camera360 was made to exploit the camera to its full ability, and give you more control over your photos.

More photography apps for iPhone we reviewed previously:

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Gemini: The Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac

I am an avid (if amateur) photographer. As I travel a great deal, I end up taking hundreds of photos per trip. Obviously, I always intend to go through these and only find the best, deleting the rest. But I never seem to get around to it, and end up reuploading and saving mass amounts of photos over and over again, from one device to another. Which leads to a fair number of duplicates over time.

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