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How Much Storage Do You Need?

If you’re not familiar with storage performance then you’re probably think about space requirements first. Then you only need that all works smooth and fine.

Unfortunately it does not work that way.

With some storage solutions you’ll need to have 30-50% more space than your data will consume to works good. It’s may look ridiculous but that’s how ZFS works with it copy-on-write technology.

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Box Cloud Storage 

If you’re a small business or a starter company that requires a good chunk of storage space, and a way to access it from across the world then this service might just be right for you. Box is a cloud based online storage service/application that will allow you to do just that. When you register for a free account you get 10GB worth of storage for free and the ability to upload files the size of 250MB that can be expanded down the line. You can even share and view files you have uploaded to the service as well as add comments to the file to say what changes have been made or what the document is altogether.

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