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Unboxing: iPad mini (16GB White WiFi)

Well, here it is, guys! The unboxing of my first iPad. I've always been a fan of small tablets, as you know from my previous purchase of a Nexus 7. Now that Apple makes one, this device seemed like the perfect fit for me. I'm excited to explore the tablet world with an OS I know and love. Expect tons of videos in the coming week!

As mentioned in the video, my first impressions are that the iPad mini is extremely light, thin and well built. The non-Retina display is not a problem at all, for me. I was expecting much worse from what I'd heard in the media. I haven't experienced lag at all yet and the 7.9" screen is wider than most tablets of a similar size, making it seem much larger when it use. In short, I'm in love. But expect a first impressions video ASAP.

Questions about the iPad mini? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks for rating/subscribing/watching! You guys ROCK!


New Kindle Fire, iPad Mini & Sept 12th Event

It's no secret that I've been a fan of 7" tablets for quite some time. With the introduction of the Kindle Fire 2 & Kindle Fire HD yesterday, I think it is time for Apple to accept the competition and release an iPad Mini. Will this happen on Sept. 12th?

What are your thoughts on this subject? I think that with the Nexus 7, especially, Apple has some serious competition at nearly $300 cheaper. An inexpensive, shrunken iPad would do extremely well. Countless customers at Best Buy come to me saying they want an iPad but they don't want to pay $499 for a larger screen. An ultraportable tablet is just what Apple needs!

Thanks for watching/subscribing/rating/commenting! You guys just ROCK!

Microsoft Store Grand Opening

I visit the Microsoft store grand opening at the Pentagon City Mall on Thursday, August 9, 2012. I got to see the opening ceremony as well as be one of the first to be let inside the store. In this video, you'll get to view an overview of the new store as well as the actual opening ceremony.



The iPad 3 Announcement: What to Expect

There have been, so far, many rumors leading up to the iPad 3 announcement, expected to take place on March 7th. Many of these rumors detail new features like an upgraded processor, quad-core, LTE, etc.. But what exactly can we expect from the iPad 3 announcement?

First of all, the processor. While an A6 processor would be the logical next-generation processor in Apple's sequence, there has supposedly been a leaked iPad 3 part containing the processor, which has been dubbed the "A5x". This has lead to some speculation that the processor will be an improved version of the current A5 processor rather than a new A6 processor. The A5x Processor shown on a leak part of, supposedly, the iPad 3. Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3 on March 7th.

A lot of Android devices have started to get quad-core processors recently. This has lead some to believe that Apple will be doing the same with their iPad 3. The extra 2 cores could significantly improve their processor performance.

Unlike many rumors that came along prior to the iPad 2 launch, we don't expect a change in screen size. However, a retina display would be very possible. Just as we saw with the iPhone and iPod Touch, this would improve the resolution on the iPad's display. The current display, running at a resolution of 1024 x 768, would get more pixels, supposedly upgrading it to a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution. This would make text and images, especially games, more sharp and allow for even more detail. "Real Racing 2" being played on an iOS device with a retina display. A retina display could be coming to the iPad 3.

As we've also heard, Apple has been hiring LTE engineers. It is a possibility that we may see this technology come to the 3G iPad. Many speculate that the delay of the implementation of this technology has been caused by possible reduced battery life. Or the technology could simply be too new. We have constantly seen Apple hold-off on including brand-new technology in their products in the past.

As in the iPhone 4S, improved cameras may be an option as well. Siri is unlikely, however. As always, there will be more last-minute rumors that will surely circulate in the days directly before the announcement.


First Look: Official Facebook App for iPad

The long wait is over. Facebook has finally released their official iPad app. In this video, I give a little overview of the application.