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Meet Yoono, the Awesome Social Networking Tool

Most people are users of at least one social network. Some, including myself, have multiple accounts on various social networks and services. Whether your accounts are for professional purposes or just to stay in touch with your friends, you'll need a reliable application to share your content and to stay on top of news and status updates. Yoono lets you know what's happening on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks through a simple yet configurable interface.


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Can We Escape Social Networking?

Today, we are in a generation where social networking is basically pwning the internet. With services such as Twitter,Facebook,and Myspace and a fine plethora of others, we can’t escape social networking, or can we? That is my question to you. Can we escape social networking? Now understand, I am not trying to drift people off the path of social networking. I am a member on Twitter and Facebook. So believe me, I am not discouraging social networking. So please reply with a comment or response with your opinion. Thank you!


Myspace Copying Facebook

Facebook currently dominates the online social media scene right now. For those of you who use Facebook, you should be used to seeing a little bar going all the way across the bottom of your screen that allows you to send IM's, view online friends and see your updates. Well today I logged into my Myspace and I found an exact copy of that bar Facebook has, except its in blue. Come on now. I've always liked Myspace more than Facebook, but for Pete's sake, can you please come up with something more original?