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Slacker Radio Service

Have you ever been working on a project and realized you needed some music to help you get through it quicker? On any other day you would go to Pandora radio, but they seem to have the same songs going each time. With little change you begin to notice how old the stations are becoming, and how boring the music really is. But you can’t skip over that song, because then an advertisement will play through. With all of the advertisements which seem not to fit the station you’re on makes it feel less and less like a radio, but more of a paying service. Introducing Slacker radio, an improved version of the Pandora radio service that has a wider variety of music.  When the advertisements play it actually fits the station and sounds like a live radio station. Multiple genre’s to pick from and plenty to listen to, give this service a try.

Slacker Radio


Koding App Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at an application that I found while searching for something else. As strange as that may sound, I was actually looking for a community that was designed around the idea of programming or coding. While browsing the Google Chrome App Store I found an app that was not just an application to help you with coding on hand, but a community full of developers that were willing to help people out. That app was called “Koding”. Because you know, it’s always more epic to spell things with a “K” rather than a “C”. So I loaded up the application and registered an account with the site and began using this application.


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Five Mobile Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

Mobile Apps have changed my life.Mobile apps have made my life better, I have no doubt about that! Even though I’m a true geek and huge technology enthusiast, I will admit I was relatively late to the mobile apps party. I was never interested in iPhones when I demoed them, so I never really owned a smart phone up until the trusty HTC Desire hit the Australian shores.

However, after two or three consecutive sleepless nights tinkering with the Android operating system, I was hooked. I knew then and there mobile apps would become a part of my life for the foreseeable future.

I was like: Feeling lost? Google map it. Enjoy stargazing? Google Sky Map it! Not sure what song is playing at the coffee shop? Shazam it. I would go on, and on…

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How to Synchronise Devices For Multitrack Recording

Many musicians start out by making simple recordings, often on computers these days. However, things tend to get a bit technical when you step-up to 'proper' multitrack recording, as used in most studios and by many serious artists. In this environment, adding drum tracks and synths isn't done 'in the box', but by recording external drum machines and synths.

Multitrack RecorderWhen recording using more than one device, for example when using a drum machine and a digital multitrack recorder, you suddenly find youself needing to consider the issue of synchronisation. During any recording process it is normal practice to start laying down the drum or rhythm track, which will define the tempo and feel of your composition. However, you will generally use a separate drum machine/groove box for this. The next step is to look at overlaying audio, e.g. bass, guitar and vocals, etc.

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Traktor DJ Review

While most of the music a DJ makes will be done on a full version, computer based software meant for mixes, not everything has to be so complicated. It can be good to have a smaller, more simple version with you everywhere you go to create mixes whenever an idea pops into your head. Think of it as a DJ's ready kit.

Traktor DJ is that program.

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