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The Subjunctivisor: Learn French Verbs Easier

The Subjunctivisor is a free useful tool for people learning French.

One of the hardest parts of the French language is knowing when to use the verb mood known as the subjunctive. Some expressions and verbs have to be followed by the subjunctive, others don't.

The Subjunctivisor makes it easy to find out when you need the subjunctive.

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How To Create An Online Course That Provides An Amazing Online Learning Experience For Students

When in the process of creating an online course, it is always best to keep your students in mind. Your learners will be possessing unique backgrounds and preferences, and it is important that you consider this fact if you want you online course to keep them engaged.

By paying close attention to the diverse range of students that you will be catering to, you will be able to design a course that will provide a positive learning experience and will likely promote success.

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Programming Tutorials Windows App

Today we’re going to be looking into a Windows application called “Programming Tutorials”. This application helps people understand programming by teaching them through a visual method or a “Do as I do” method. Having various kinds of instructors and different ways of teaching, this application allows for a variety of categories on different kinds of programming languages. For example, Ruby, Python, C++, C#, or even HTML is covered in its own category to make it easier for navigation. So if you are able to learn better through someone teaching you while watching and mimicking their actions, give this application a try. It’s very organized and can be helpful to anyone who is wanting to learn a programming language.  


Khan Academy

Not too long ago we looked at a website that was dedicated to teaching you code. But what other educational needs? What if, you want to refresh your memory on some kind math skill, or eve teach your child something so that they are better prepared for when they get into school? I came across an advertisement for a website that was being praised as a good learning tool. That website is Khan Academy. Following a similar concept to code academy this website is dedicated to teaching you math, economics and finance, science, and several other forms of topics.

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Typing Web Typing Tutor

While writing a script or some code, I find myself typing slower and slower each time. I usually have to glance down at the keyboard to make sure my fingers are on the right keys just so I don’t make any errors. After a while I started to feel like I needed to get some more practice with typing. I was recommended an application called “Typing Web” which was a free to use typing tutor. What this application is supposed to do is help the user to type quickly and more efficiently so that productivity can be increased. To achieve this, it uses the high school method of teaching. Makes you look at the screen and cover your keyboard and start typing. Sounds simple enough. Of course you could always look down and cheat, but that’s where you have to learn self-control and not do that.


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