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5 Ways To Make Use Of An Old Laptop

Giving computers a new lease of life...

Before taking that old laptop down to the local tip for disposal, or placing an ad in the local paper or on Gumtree for a “laptop for parts,” perhaps you could extend its life and get more constructive use out of it? Whether it’s simply fallen behind the times or is broken in some way you may be able to give it a new lease of life.

Here are five ideas:

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Acer C720 Chromebook 

On October 10 (Today) Acer released more information on its latest addition to the Chromebook market, the C720. The Acer C720 debuted at this year’s IDF Show and is thinner and lighter than the previous Acer C7 Chromebook and also promises a longer lasting battery life as well. The new Chromebook is 30 percent lighter being at 0.75 inches thick and 2.76 pounds making this a natural fit for a student’s book bag. With a built in Wi-Fi port, it also makes it good for the coffee shop goers as well. But even though the new Chromebook might be a lighter touch, the hardware seems naturally promising as well. It also comes at an affordable, yet debatable price. 

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How-to: Removing Keyboard on a Dell Latitude d630

The Dell Latitude series is made for businesses/large enterprises. To replace most componenst on this computer, it's important to know how to remove the keyboard. Below, you will find the four basic steps to complete this process as well as a video tutorial.

Step 1: Shut down the computer and remove the battery
Step 2: Remove the hinge cover
Step 3: Unscrew the screws holding the keyboard in place
Step 4: Slide keyboard out

Dell's official manual for removing the keyboard of a d630:



Microsoft Surface : First Impressions

As an 'Apple Fanboy', my expectation when I heard of the 'Microsoft Surface' announcement was very low. Microsoft were bound to try to compete with the iPad, and my instant reaction was that they would fail. This was before I actually looked into the Product

Following a detailed look at it, I must say that I am surprised at the product they have come out with.

Quite honestly, I think it is a very good attempt at competing with the iPad.

Aesthetically it is incredibly easy on the eye. Even though it features a built in kickstand and keyboard (Which I will speak about in more detail later on), they have still managed to create an appealing design. As you can see from the image, the back of it is attractive, and they have done a very good job with the incorporation of the stand. This is a very useful thing to have around at all times, and makes it very user friendly. 

The only thing I find unattractive on this product is the different coloured keyboard options. The black version looks fantastic, but for me I think the other colours look quite tacky and, well a bit 'plastic'. They just don't seem to go with the actual tablet, which is a shame. Personally I feel a black outline to the keyboard (on the keys and build) would help it to blend in. A shame, but still not a huge issue with the success of the product.

Microsoft have clearly aimed this at a very wide audience, hoping to tempt as many people away from the iPad as possible. The colour options make it more appealing to many who prefer brighter coloured devices. Although this doesn't include me, I know there are many people (like my mum), who will be drawn in by a bright pink keyboard!

The Operating System is, as expected, the Windows 8 'Metro' design. Having used the Release Preview of Windows 8, you can tell when using a mouse that it is designed for touch use - so I went ahead and attached a Touch Screen monitor so I could test it out. Unexpectedly, it actually runs very smoothly. Considering it is far from ready, I was pleasantly surprised by its usability. This can only be a good thing for the Surface. It may have the capability to draw away even the most loyal iOS users

The most important thing, as I mentioned before, was that this competes with the iPad. Microsoft are way behind in the tablet market, and this is a very good start for them. The kickstand and keyboard may just sway it for them for many users. Though a tablet, there are many who will want to use it as, in a way, a more portable laptop. This does that for them, once the kickstand and keyboard is out, it is practically a laptop. If the Operating System can hold its own, Microsoft may be on to a winner.

In conclusion, Microsoft seem to have done a good job. They have certainly created a product capable of  scratching the surface of the tablet market, and I for one look forward to seeing whether it can fulfill its promise. It can only be a good thing for Tech Enthusiasts everywhere that there is a strong competitor to the iPad - it can only push technology further and faster. It will be very exciting to see what Apples next move with the iPad is following this release.

I know most readers of this blog will be fans of Apple, just like me, so apologies if this article doesn't appeal to you. However, I felt the news to be something of importance to all tech enthusiasts, and couldn't help myself!

Thanks for reading, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Twitter - @Harrtron.



iMac or MacBook Pro?

Many Apple consumers, including me, when they decide to purchase a Mac computer, they can't decide between the iMac and the MacBook Pro. Speaking more generally, this topic is about "Desktop Vs Laptop". Which one is the best for you? Read the article to find out.

First of all let's see who should buy the iMac. If you are a professional graphic designer or video editor (and even if you aren't professional, but it's your job or something else in a high level), the iMac's beautiful huge screen with the amazing resolution, will be perfect for you. If you want to use your computer like a TV, for watching Netflix, or as an external monitor for your gaming console, or for gaming on your Mac again the iMac is your gadget. And finally, if you don't use and need that much your computer while traveling (or even if you don't travel that much), the iMac is your computer.

Now let's take a look who should buy a MacBook. I would suggest the MacBook if you do a lot of traveling and you really need and use your computer. It's a portable and a really powerful computer. If you still do graphic designing and video editing but you do it like a hobby and not as your main job, I think MacBook's display is good enough.

Now it comes another question. What if the user wants portability and a big display for home in the same time? In my opinion, you should buy the 13” MacBook Pro, and for external monitor the fantastic 27", Apple's Thunderbolt Display. If you can't afford buying Apple's Thunderbolt display, you can still find really good 24” monitors (I suggest you Asus) at Amazon for around 250$-500$.

I am currently asking this question to myself too and can't decide. I am in both, the first and the third occasion. Firstly I want to see the new 2012 iMacs and MacBook Pros which will be coming soon, and then, depending on the new features that those two computers will have, this will help me to choose.

I hope this article helped you out to understand in which occasion you are and which Mac is better for you (compared to those two). Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below or mention me on Twitter @OrestGPap.