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Steve Jobs, 6 Weeks to Live: My Thoughts

I don't usually post personal blog posts on TekSocial, but this I might just to gather everyone's opinions.Jobs, back in the day Please, set aside 5-10 minutes of your time to read and comment on this post.

It has been announced in various news articles that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, who took time off to focus on his health, has been given 6 weeks to live. This is due to the fact that he has pancreatic cancer, which grows on part of your digestive system. For the faint hearted, the pancreas is a 6-inch long gland and is shaped like a leaf. It provides insulin, unless you're diabetic and releases hormones which revolve around digestion. 

Earlier on, I watched a video Chris Pirillo recorded and published to YouTube, claiming that when he announced the news to his near 92,000 followers on Twitter, a 'kid' messaged him back saying that he will 'celebrate his death'. Why? I'm unsure.

What Jobs has created, a company that only recently claimed the top spot of the computing market, a music device range that has changed the music industry and the people around us, why must someone come to their senses and say such a negitive and disgusting thing. Sure, he may be a kid, no younger than 13 unless his parents don't know he's on Twitter but use some common sense at least, especially when you're talking to a person you don't know in person who has so much power on the internet.

If Jobs pulls through his hard time, or not, we should all remember what Steve has created. A range of products that has made us, 'Think Differently'.



Steve Jobs Won’t Price Match Your $399 TJ Maxx iPad

It looks like you will not be able to get your iPad for the same $399 TJ Maxx price at any Apple Store anytime soon. This follows an e-mail conversation between the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs and a customer. Jake (the customer) wrote to Steve asking whether if he walked into a Apple Store and asked for an iPad would get it at the 

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