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Entries in iphone games (19)


Four Great, FREE Games For Your Smartphone

With a crowded appstores full of games for your smartphone, it can be hard to find a great value experience for your daily commute, waiting room, or toilet seat. Other than Angry Birds and Temple Run, there are some great free games out there for you to try. Here are some of the best of them.


Dots is a simple connect the dots game in a similar vein to the gem and candy collecting you do in Bejewelled and Candy Crush. You connect same-coloured dots to achieve the highest score possible, and you have to this with a limited amount of time or of turns (your pick). Each dot you earn can be spent on Power Ups, which will then significantly boost your score. 

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Classic Snake for iPhone Review

In a world where graphics have become more realistic than we could have ever imagined, and gameplay on a phone is more sophisticated on a phone than it used to be on a PC, the world of gameplay has changed. In almost every way, I would say that change has been for the better. But sometimes it is the classics that you most crave. Which is why I really love this app version of Snake for the iOS.

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Tetris Blitz: Iphone Game Review

Everyone loved Tetris. I bet you could go up to any stranger on the street, and right after they stopped staring at you for being a weirdo, they would confirm that they adore this classic game. Anyone who doesn't is probably lying, or maybe dead inside. How else could they resist the urge of those falling blocks, being arranged neatly into patterns?

The popularity is the very reason that new versions are still being released to this day. Tetris Blitz is one of the newest, and it is a definitely a positive addition to the beloved franchise.

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What's The Saying? Fun Puzzle iPhone Game Review

I remember back in elementary school we used to have these papers called Brain Teasers. They would show a number of pictures that corresponded with some kind of word or phrase. I always really liked these puzzles, and sometimes I even found them challenging. So when I found What's The Saying years later, an app game based entirely on these puzzles, I was thrilled.

More puzzle games for iPhone we reviewed previously:

How It Works

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Falldown 2 iPhone Review: New Harder Addition of a Popular Game

One of the more popular app games from the last couple of years was Falldown. I personally loved it, so when I found out that they had released a Falldown 2 I was thrilled. What I didn't expect was to find it was so much harder than the first, adding in a challenging element that I hadn't even realized was missing from the original game.

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