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Entries in iphone game (24)


Fill More iPhone Game Review

You probably have played Filler at some point. It is a game ranked in popularity only behind classics like Tetris, another that came from the former Soviet Union. Now the game has been brought back in a new form as Fill More for the iPhone and iPad.

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Dumb Ways To Die iPhone Game Review

Do you love the Dumb Ways To Die videos? Of course you do, who doesn't? Now you can actually play with them, going through each level to save as many as possible and avoiding the ultimate carnage.

How It Works

Starting from the environment of many of the videos, it expands into an interactive game. Using the touchscreen, you tap, swipe, blow or tilt to save the characters from their untimely demise. Raging fires, psycho killers, railroad tracks, killer bees and other dangers await you

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Color Zen iPhone Puzzle Game Review

A lot of games will get your blood pumping, your heart pounding. Others will get your temper up, or terrify you. Its a rare thing to find one that is actually relaxing, but Color Zen is just that. This is the perfect puzzle game for someone who is looking to spend a bit of time unwinding after a hard day, slowing things down and putting yourself into a zen state of mind.

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Badland iPhone Game Review

There have been a lot of sidescroller platform games over the years, with a lot of them being adapted or created for the iPhone and iPad. This is probably one of the best that has ever been released, and definitely one of the most popular

Badland is follows one of many inhabitants of a gorgeous forest, where at first glance everything seems as perfect as can be. Slowly, you begin to notice that there is something wrong. Before long, you are fighting for your life and trying to avoid a number of traps, obstacles and dangers that await you in what used to be your beautiful home

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SlideTapPop iPhone Puzzle Game Review

There are puzzle games and there are 3D games. The two don't generally meet, until now. SlideTapPop is a beautiful, 3D rendered puzzle game that lets you really immerse yourself in the attractive visuals.

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How It Works

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