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Postcard Plus iPhone App Review

“I'll send you a postcard!” has become a phrase we know well in our culture today. Now you can actually do just that, no matter where you are, and in seconds. This is one of the most unique apps you will come across, anywhere.

How It Works

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3D Eyes for iPhone Review

You know when you find an app that is technically unnecessary but so cool that you have to have it? That was my exact reaction when I came across 3D Eyes. There wasn't a single moment in which I could imagine myself needing it, but I still knew I wanted it more than I had wanted an app in a long time.

How It Works

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IFTTT Free iPhone App Review

We had a very detailed review of the web-based version of this app previously: Connect Facebook and Twitter with IFTTT - now to the mobile one:

IFTTT....what does it mean? The abbreviation stands for If This Then That, and it is a brand new way to make the internet really, truly work for you.

How It Works

The concept is this: the internet should be more connected to give the user a more intuitive and flowing experience. How do they accomplish this? By allowing you to create “recipes”, a combination of websites and services that apply their features to one another. These websites are called “channels”, and you can connect ones you use every day.

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The Best IPhone Apps That Prevent Texting And Driving! 

Texting and driving is a problem that results in millions of crashes and thousands of lost lives each and every year. The problem is so widespread that it is estimated that one out of every four automobile accidents is caused by someone texting behind the wheel.

Fortunately, mobile application designers have recognized the problem and have developed some pretty incredible apps that takes our attention away from our phones and places it back on the road. Below are some of the more popular apps that combat the texting and driving epidemic.

1. Drive Alive App

Price: Free Compatibility: iOs, Android

Drive Alive App

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iPhone App Review: Black and White Scanner

Today we are introducing a new app called Black and White Scanner. It currently costs $2.99 and it's getting some positive feedback so far!

The app scans the documents in black and white. Here's our video review:

From the developer:

The documents are scanned using the special image processing algorithm, so you don't have to worry about shadows and other imperfections tainting the quality of the document. The documents will be sharp and very easy to read.

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