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Review : iBike GPS Computer for iPhone 4/4S/5

The iBike GPS Computer for iPhone 4/4S/5 is a waterproof case with handlebar mount for on a bike or even motorcycle, it's made from black plastic which is sturdy and feels strong. The case detaches from the actual handlebar mount easily with a thumb screw and slides on and off, this means you can easily take the iBike off your bike when coming off your bike without having to take tools with you.

I'll start off with the one bad point, never put your iPhone in if you have a screen protector installed, I put mine in with the invisible shield on the screen. The screen protector sticks to the plastic protector on the case and it makes it impossible to remove the phone. The only way I got mine out was to remove the pin out the hinge and squeeze the sides to try unstick the 2 surfaces. Other than that the case is brilliant.

Now the good points, the app that's provided is intuitive and provides plenty of information while riding, including a map, power, speed, distance, cadence, BPM (if you have a heart rate monitor), wind, calories and more. The setup is long and goes in to great detail but you only have to do it once. As mentioned above, the case is well built and feels extremely sturdy. I have no problem trusting this case to prevent damage to my phone in a crash or in heavy rain.

Another great thing about this case is, you don't need to use the iBike app. This is just a case, no hardware to provide the data to the phone. You could use any fitness app with it, Runkeeper for example is my favourite.

You can also use the screen on your phone while it's in the case, this works great. I've never had it not respond to my input.

The case works with the iPhone 4/4S/5 thanks to a clever sled design. It comes with 2 sleds made of the same material as the case itself. Just put your phone on the sled and slide it in to the case, do up the hatch and you're ready to go. There's no access to the sleep/wake button but there is access to the home button which wakes your display. If you want to use the case all of the time, you can turn on the assistive touch in iOS, this allows you to lock the screen and more.

Overall I'm really impressed with the case, it is my go-to while cycling. Apart from the one downside it works so well. It would have been nice to have the bike computer hardware to make it a little more precise but it's pretty accurate if you input the correct settings. You can purchase this fitness accessory from here. If you're an enthusiastic cycler or just obsessed with tracking your fitness or even a motorcyclist that needs a case, one of these will be ideal!



Note: Pictures will be added as soon as my internet is fixed.


Review : SwitchEasy Nude Ultra Case for iPhone 5

I've been using the Nude Ultra Case from SwitchEasy for a few days now and I'm comfortable with writing a honest review about it.

Upon first feel, it was light and seriously thin. Just 1mm thin all the way round! Putting it on the iPhone was simple, just like most cases. I go for the buttons first method and it works fine.

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iPhone 5 Belkin View Case: Review 

This case is absolutly horrible. Many scratches after just putting it on the phone because it's made out of a horrible polycarbonate backing (the clear part.) I would give this product 2 out of 10 stars just because I enjoy the way the case feels. Although the case does scratch easily, I still love the feel of the case. It fits perfectly, and I love the look of the bright border. I plan on getting the Belkin Grip Max case because it looks like its made with a bettter build quality and that it won't scratch easily. (Yes I did scratch the case even more than it already was to show my friends that it does scratch easily.)

^As you can tell from the photo that the case has many scratches. 


Review - Belkin View Case for the iPhone 5

I set out looking for a simple case that wouldn’t add too much bulk, also an important thing for me was a case that wouldn’t hide the beautiful design of the iPhone 5 and this case fits perfectly. The rear of the case is made of a clear plastic about 2mm thick and the outer “bumper” is made from a black polycarbonate with a rubbery grip to it.

The build quality is pretty good, it feels solid in the hand and the phone is a snug fit in the case, but getting the phone out is a struggle. This doesn’t bother me too much because it means the phone has no chance of slipping out.

The cutouts on the case line up perfectly for the lightening and 3.5mm headphone jack. The mute switch cutout is perfect, too. There’s no flash glare coming from the camera cutout and there’s no protruding over the lens.

My only negative about the case is the clear back, you have to be really careful putting the phone in or you will scratch the plastic which saddened me because it happened as I put it in for the first time.

Overall this case is fantastic apart for that one problem, I really do like how it feels in the hand. I definitely do recommend it if you don’t want to hide the beauty of the iPhone 5.

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Otterbox Commuter for iPhone 5 Review

The Otterbox Commuter has been a staple amongst iDevice owners for years now, providing arguably the best hybrid protection (that's a hard plastic and silicone layer) for your shiny iDevices. So how does the latest iteration of this immensely popular case stack up against the older generations, and competing cases?

Inside the box you will receive the case it self along with a screen protector, microfibre and squeegee. The screen protector is of very high quality, as one has come to expect with Otterbox products, and can be applied without much hassle. It provides coverage for the screen in its entirety as well as most of the coloured section above and below the display of the device.

Upon first glance of the new Commuter, you will notice that its design hasn't changed all that much from previous generations. The case is still comprised of a hard polycarbonate plastic on the outside, as well as a silicone layer on the inside. I did notice that Otterbox have beefed up the rigidity of both the plastic and the silicone layer, meaning they're not as flexible as before, but they do remain as one case even better.

One of my biggest complaints with previous Commuters was always that they were a bother to apply. However, thanks to the new, stiffer quality of rubber and plastic used on the case, application is actually much easier. The silicone layer slips on easily, and the hard plastic layer wraps around that, leaving access to all ports and connectors in tact (all of which are protected by silicone flaps that prevent dust clogging up in them). There is also a large circular cutout for the Apple logo at the back of the device, as well as one for the camera and LED flash. Due to the size and shape of said cutout, camera images with flash come out as they should, and are not affected by the black shroud that sometimes appear on images when other cases are used on the devices.

Once applied, the most noticeable feature is the enlarged lip of the case. It protrudes outwards far more than before and may be a tad annoying to some, although it does serve a good purpose. The larger lips means that when the device is face down, there is even more distance between the surface of the display (protected by the screen protector) and the surface the phone is on. This means better protection against scratches.

Aesthetically the black version of the case naturally looks sleek, sophisticated and discrete. However, if you do fancy something slightly more flamboyant, you can also pickup the case in Night Sky as well as a plethora of other iPhone 5 covers.

The case adds a bit of bulk to the device, but still manages to feel comfortable in the hands. The materials are heavy, but not too heavy, thereby retaining the premium feel of the iPhone 5, as well as giving you solid protection. The silicone layer will absorb shock impact whilst the plastic layer will provide protection against superficial damage like scratches. Thanks to the fact that the plastic layer is on the outside rather than inside, sliding this case in an out of your jeans pocket is extremely easy. Unlike other cases, the button protectors still allow easy to access to all the buttons on the iPhone 5 without having to push down overly hard. 

All in all the Otterbox Commuter is a solid update the series of cases and perfect for anything looking for good all round protection for day-to-day usage, all encompassed in a nice design.

The Otterbox Commuter retails for an RRP of £29.95 GBP at MobileFun in multiple colours. You can also check out their extensive range of other iPhone 5 covers too.