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Entries in iPad 2 (23)


Wrapsol Ultra Screen Protector for iPad 2 Review

In this video I review the Wrapsol Ultra Screen Protector for iPad 2, which was kindly sent out to me for review from the folks over at Wrapsol. This screen protector costs $29.95, but is it worth the price? You can purchase the screen protector here. 


What I Would Like to See Apple Introduce in 2012

2012 is said to be a "Big year" for technology, especially Apple. There are certainly lot's of rumors floating around the web. In this article, I am going to have my say on what I'd like to see Apple introduce this year (2012).

1. - Apple HDTV:

One of the biggest rumors of this year is that Apple is to announce an all new Apple HDTV. Some sources say that it will be exceptionally thin, come in at least 3 different sizes which I think will be 32", 46" and 55" displays. I also think that it will come with many feature's that the Apple TV box set has.

2. - iPad 3:

It is very likely Apple will introduce the much-hyped iPad 3 in the next 2 or so months ahead. There are rumors floating about, claiming that the iPad 3 will have an all new Retina Display, better cameras, A6 Processor and for the tablet to be both thinner and lighter.  

3. - iPhone 5:

 The world was expecting to see the iPhone 5 in 2011, but sadly that wasn't to be. So, surely there must be an iPhone 5 this year, right? Many sources claim that the iPhone 5 will have a larger 4.0" screen, which will be greatly welcomed. Others say the Apple A6 Processor will be packed into iPhone 5. People also say the iPhone 5 be significantly thinner and lighter. Fingers crossed we will see an all new redesigned Apple iPhone 5 this year.

4. - 15" MacBook Air:

To accompany the 11" and the 13" MacBook Air, sources say that Apple is at testing stage with a brand-new 15" MacBook Air, which is said to have an Ivy bridge Processor packed inside. Personally, I would like to see a higher resolution FaceTime HD Camera on the front as the current FaceTime Camera on the MacBook Air is horrible. I think the price for the 15" MacBook Air will be around the £1500 mark, but that is just a guess. I think if Apple were to introduce this machine into the Mac family, it would be one of their best selling products.

So, that's what I would like to see Apple introduce this year, what do you think Apple will introduce this year? Leave them in the comments section below.


Review: Glow in the Dark HyperShield for iPad 2

In this video I review the glow in the dark Hypershield for iPad 2. This case protects the back of the iPad 2, while adding a bit of color and it glows! Buy it now for $10 here.


BlueLounge Shell Review


In this video I review the BlueLounge Shell, which is an amazing protective back cover for iPad 2. The low profile of the case as well as the awesome aesthetics make it one of the best cases I have ever tried. For more information, please watch the video! You can buy your Shell here.



iPad 2 Holiday Giveaway!

Happy Freakin' Holidays! Welcome to my annual holiday giveaway, and as usual this year we are stepping up the game. I am giving away a brand new 16GB Black WiFi iPad 2. It's rockin iOS5, iCloud, and all the other goodies an iPad has. This is to show my appreciation for all the feedback, comments, subscriptions and support you guys have given me over the years. The contest is international and starts Dec. 2nd and end on Dec. 16th. To win the iPad 2 you must to 3 very simple things.

  1. Subscribe to me here on YouTube
  2. Comment down below. Doesn't matter what the comment says, but don't comment like a million times. I dont want to get marked as spam.
  3. Tweet about it! Click this link HERE to be brought to Twitter with a premade Tweet in your status box

Good luck! Happy Holidays! Be sure to stay tuned on the channel for all sorts of good stuff including HTC reviews, unboxings and more! Thanks guys and we'll see ya later!