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IFixIt Application

Ifixit is a Windows 8 application that is an all in one do it yourself manual. Ranging from electronics to around the house kind of jobs, I fix it provides a wide variety of manuals and guides for people to read and follow. This application has an easy to use interface and is as simple as clicking and going. It’s a free to use application that you can download from the Microsoft app store and can provide information on technology, vehicles, appliances, electronics, game consoles, and much more. So if you have something around the house, or something very specific that needs fixed or repaired, or even just needing general information, give the Ifixit Application a try.

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Flappy Bird Review

Over the past week I’ve been hearing a lot of good and bad things about this hit sensation called “Flappy Bird”. But what is flappy bird? Believe it or not it is an Android and iOS game made by Dong Nguyen and as soon as it became a big hit, it was taken off of the map due to the creator saying he didn’t want this fame and didn’t mean for this game to be that successful. So on February 8th Flappy Bird was taken off of the app store so no one could play the game anymore. I wondered why this game was a personal favorite by many, so I decided to look around until I found an exact copy of the game made in Flash.  So it may not be the original, but it can give me a good insight on what the hype was all about for this game.

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Interfacelife: Spice up Your Desktop

Are you starting to not like your desktop wallpaper? Is searching through google images proving to be a bigger hassle than it really should be? Aside from this sales pitch like sentence, do you want a higher quality image as your desktop wallpaper? You’re not alone. I was browsing the web one day and came across this website called “interface lift” which was a desktop wallpaper based site. Having a wide selection of sizes and quality of photos, interface lift is a great way to spice up your desktop with higher quality pictures at no cost at all. Searching for the picture you want is as simple as selecting keywords. You can also find pictures for your iOS and android devices. So get started now and find that special wallpaper that expresses you.



The 5 Best Premium iOS Finance Apps

Finding the best apps in any category can be a drag.  When we look at things that are perceived to be boring, like finance apps, especially paid ones, then it can become even more cumbersome.

However, almost everyone understands that finance apps have the potential to change their outlook, regardless of their circumstances.  Our infographic is designed to help you download the best paid iOS finance apps to your device without having to spend a great deal of time searching for them yourself.  We simply tell you the best five apps and what they do, at which point you can go away and download them for yourself.

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Apple's Death Knell - Not Ready To Sound Just Yet

Many pundits are willing to on record as saying that, with the death of founder Steve Jobs, Apple, Inc. has lost its drive, its ability to innovate, and is doomed to a slow, certain death. 

That is simply not so.

It is true that Apple’s profits have stagnated and they have not released any new products in the last three years, since the advent of the iPad.  It is also true that the company and the new CEO have struggled with the perceptions of many, that their latest releases have only been “window dressing,” simple changes to previous ideas.  Where is the innovation that made Apple what it is?  Where is the spark, the “eye of the tiger,” the drive that took the company from relative obscurity to being the second-most profitable company in the world?

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