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5 Great Designs At The 2013 Dyson Awards

The annual Dyson awards are a celebration of great engineering and innovative product design. Coming up with something to impress the man behind the bagless vacuum has to be a challenging design job, and the contest attracts entrants from all over the world.

This year’s winner will be announced in early November, but in the meantime, here are five shortlisted projects that deserve our attention. From power generation to medical supplies, each one demonstrates flair and innovation.

1. The Portable Wind Generator

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5 Reasons Why Apple Is Successful

Many of us on TekSocial are huge Apple fans. That goes without saying. With the recent resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO, I think it is a good time to have a look back on why Apple is so successful, and will continue being so. First off, I'd just like to say these are my opinions on how Apple has become so successful, and I'm happy for you all to post your comments on how you feel about the reasons, and add any that you feel are neccesary.

Note, These are no specific order.

1. Experience - Apple has been in the technology industry for 35 Years! That gives them the edge on newer industrys, as they have that kind of knowledge of the technology market, and know what consumers want. (Now don't get me wrong, Apple has made a couple of mistakes in the past, but nobody is perfect)

2. Innovation - When innovation comes to mind, we all think 'futuristic' am I right? Well that is exactly what Apple are, they produce products that nobody would have ever thought of for another 10, 20 years.

3. Constant change - Now when I say constant change, what I mean is that Apple changes their own competitors market by themselves. Apple has a very positive history of being able to 'innovate' new products into the market, which then puts their competitors on the back foot, as they are years behind them.

4. Marketing - Myself & friends are always talking about the latest ways that Apple has found to advertise their products, most notably their TV commercials. Apple has potentially the best marketing experts in the world working on how to promote their product. Most notably, I remember the first iPad commercial, at the perfect time at Superbowl half time break.

5. Creativity - This is very much like Innovation, but the two together are basically what make Apple what it is today. Apple creates/innovates new products, so well, again their competitors find it hard to keep up with them. And with competitors that are behind them, Apple is always going to be on top.

I understand guys that this is really 4 reasons, as 2 of them are pretty much the same thing, but these I feel are the main reasons Apple is so successful in todays business.



Apple and the World of Tomorrow.

Apple, is of course at the fore-front of the technology world, releasing product that help people. Products that are innovative, products that are useful, products that are amazing, and products that are undoubtedly,talked about.

For now.

Microsoft, just one of Apple’s rivals, and probably the biggest, is also at the fore-front of the technology world, coming up with their own innovations, and products that are useful, helpful, and are fun to use, like Bing, and with the promise of Windows 7 being great, and with so many Apple-YouTube users using the beta of Windows 7, like Jon4lakers, Microsoft seems to be taking the stage.

For now.

Are either Apple or Microsoft thinking about the future of their company’s? Probably. We know that Apple is, keeping secrets from the public, which as I noted before, isn’t all that bad.As most of you know, some things can’t be the best forever, like the United States, historians have noted that our country has passed it’s golden age, and is in decline. Could this be the same for Apple? Has Apple’s golden age already passed?


I think Apple’s golden age was the summer of 2008. Long lines for the iPhone 3G, and hype about Snow Leopard, which took up less than 30 seconds of the WWDC 2008 Keynote, during that time Apple’s Mac User base was growing rapidly, and partly because of the iPhone, as we found out this year’s WWDC keynote.

What is Apple’s future going to look like? Because we all know their past has been looking very, very good.


My Bite Into Apple