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Wonderful Web Tools for Visual Storytelling

People love pretty pictures. If you want to create content for the Web, this is something you should keep in mind. Images are often described as being “worth a thousand words” and, when chosen appropriately, they usually make the written content more interesting, memorable and shareable.

Since the majority of popular blogging platforms emphasizes text as a primary means of expression and/or communication, I went looking for something else. I wanted to find a web app that puts images in the spotlight and lets them carry the story – and I found two. Cowbird and Jux are two completely different web apps that share a common goal: making visual storytelling easy and wonderful.

Cowbird or Birdcow?

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How to Batch-Download Images from Tumblr

Tumblr logoTumblr is a great source of amazing photos, but downloading them one by one is impractical and tedious, especially when Tumblr users get creative (or crazy) with their page design and make navigation tiresome (or nearly impossible). This short guide will show you how to automatically download multiple images at once from any Tumblr page. All you need is your favorite terminal emulator application.

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Free Online Image Editor: Pixenate Video Review

Today we feature a free web-based app of the month: Pixenate! It's very basic but it's free, fast and easy to use! If you need to just crop and image, adapt the size, change contrast and rotate the canvas, that's what you need!

And the best part is that you don't need to download anything: All you need is a browser!


Cinegram a Free iPhone App to Create Awesome Cinemagraphs

Do you know what a Cinemagraph is? It's better than an animated GIF and catchier than a video. Usually it's a gif with most of it being frozen and only one and only part of it moving in a loop.

There's a free iPhone app that can create those: Cinegram is free, awesome and it's going to keep you busy!

Here's my first one I created just within a couple of minutes:

Now, go play!


An Easy Way to Download Flickr Photos

One of the things I hate most about sharing my photos online is keeping a backup of them. I have the originals, which I keep in one place. Then I have my online accounts holding a digital copy. But then I make sure I have a backup folder with all pictures downloaded that I update on a regular basis by taking the photos from the site I have shared them on.

I personally use Flickr, and this presents a problem. Anyone who uses Flickr on a regular basis knows what a pain it is to download photos, especially more than one. Trying to download a whole bunch of them? It is so frustrating and time consuming that I used to banish the task to the end of every month, where I would force myself to sit down and go through the process with a bottle of wine and very little patience.

Making It Easier


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